Thursday, July 7, 2011

I didn’t get a wild hair.


Ok so I didn’t get a wild hair the other night and trim and make the binding for the grandmothers garden quilt, instead I finished this cute little pillow I made awhile back and kept forgetting to pick up stuffing for it. Once I got the stuffing it was all done in about 15 minutes. I also got the binding made and sewn on another quilt…



My friend Helen was by the other day to visit when Wendy and my grandbabies were here… she made these cute flowers and pin cushions for me…she is always so thoughtful.. she even brought a little gift for Molly and Tyler.


Love the flowers, I will have to attach them to a bag or a sweater or something, very pretty.



One of my clients make this cute little bag for me. Across the top sewn into the casing length is a piece of metal measuring tape. It pops open and close, you know how measuring tapes works, it’s pretty fun to play with too.. I am easily amused I guess Smile

Thank you M, I love it.



I can’t believe I sent out 3 quilts yesterday and forgot to take pictures first, I never do that Sad smile

Here are 2 little cute quilts to show. The first she is using for a wall hanging is a room she is redecorating.



A cute little cowboy quilt for her grand baby, with minkie on the back. Love that minkie.



Over the long weekend we took a good walk next to the Kern River, AKA the Killer Kern… it really is a dangerous river although it looks really calm here, there are under currents everywhere. Every year there are drowning's there, especially up farther into the Kern Canyon and they say most are people from out of town that just don’t realize how dangerous it is. Very pretty to look at but please don’t go in. If you want to know more or see more pictures just Google it, very interesting.


While walking we saw this tree, I have now clue what it is… there are little orange colored and black colored pods. We found one on the ground and tried breaking it open but it was to hard to even crack a little, you could tell it was hallow. The orange ones look like little pumpkins.. I told hubby it is a pumpkin tree, he didn’t believe me Smile


We also saw a few of these little guys hopping around.. they have the biggest ears. Dennis got a nice close up shot of the ears and you can almost see right through them… I will have to get that picture from him.



Grandbaby photo of the day.

A few years ago Hubby made this little picnic table for kids.

He said lets let the kids paint it, so here is what they did.. they had so much fun. Now I have all the hand prints on it except for Retts, he wasn’t here but Rylee painted his name on it for him.

I was a nervous wreck that they were going to touch something else but they did pretty good, only the table and their hands had paint on them.



Hope you all had a nice 4th, thanks for stopping by.


  1. What a cute family you all of the projects and that pillow is adorable.

  2. I forgot to mention I got the pattern for the pillow from a blog but now I can't remember which one and can't find it again... When and if I do I will post it.

  3. What a wonderful pillow!
    The walk along the river looks wonderful. I'm still amazed at how much water is in there this year. Looks like the grandkids had a blast painting the table :D

  4. Can't wait to make things with my grandchildren - although being boys, they may very well prefer to be in the shed with Grandpa! Oh well, I'll just have to join them!


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