Saturday, July 2, 2011

Delicious fluffy heavenly things that barely made it through the front door


I love rising dough, it equals something yummy, and yummy they were. I made 5 pans of the cinnamon rolls and one pan of the caramel pecan, only one of the caramel pecan because it was a new recipe and I wasn’t so sure of it but they were delicious. Mr. Seams to sew and Quilts favorite now. So I gave away all but a few of the caramel rolls and 5 of the cinnamon rolls… Everyone that received them were very appreciative. My friend Chris refers to them as…delicious fluffy heavenly things that barely made it through the front door Smile



Our first tomato from the vine this year.. It was delicious, we ate it with dinner last night.



Cute cat quilt….

and the back of it.


This quilt was made by my mother in laws aunt a long time ago… she can’t remember exactly when but she is 80 so it was a long time ago… I quilted an all meander on it and still need to trim it and sew the binding on. I have had it done for awhile but just keep putting off making the binding.. Today I took it outside to take a photo. I couldn’t really see for the bright sun but at least I have a picture of it and have it out… who know maybe I will get a wild hair and start the binding tonight. It really it pretty thought and all the fabric is all feed sacks….


Grandbaby photo of the day…

Miss Molly, she looks like a little bird looking for food.



Have a safe and Happy…..



  1. What? You tease us like that and then don't give us the recipe? Torture! LOL They look super yummy!

  2. Agree! Share the recipe, please!

  3. The cinnamon rolls look fantastic and the photo of your granddaughter is adorable!

  4. I love to make cinnamon rolls....I am sure the receivers were very very happy.

    That little one is adorable. Love the quilts.

  5. We were one of the lucky recipients of the those delicious cinnamon rolls - they were absolutely scrumptious!!!!!! Thank you so very much, Vera.
    The cat quilt is cute and I love the flower quilting.
    The quilt made by your MIL is beautiful!!

  6. Grandmother's Flower Garden is my all-time favorite quilt pattern...and that one is a beautiful example of it.

    Your little bird is very cute.

    Your rolls looks scrumptious, too.


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