Thursday, June 30, 2011

Life gets in the way of blogging sometimes

Am I the only one that takes time off from blogging? I try my hardest to keep up but just can’t do it anymore.
So I guess I have the blogging bug again for awhile. I can’t seem to find the time to post regularly anymore but I do read a lot of blogs but don’t always comment either.
My grand babies from Florida have been here for the last two (wonderful) weeks. I miss them terribly already and can’t wait to see them again. We had a good time with them and my daughter. I hated to see them leave but the quiet time is nice too…
My daughter said as soon as they got on the elevator at the airport here Tyler said “ mommy I miss my Grandma” he is such a sweetie.
Now on to some beautiful quilts.
This antique SS quilt is so cute.
Really liked this one too but I can’t remember the pattern. I quilted daisy chain on both of them.
There is just something about red and white quilts that I like but I don’t think I have ever made one… it’s on my to do list though… this lady did not like this quilt when she dropped it off to me but when she picked it up she loved it… she just didn’t think she had done good on it but after quilting it looks really good to her.. I think it looks just as pretty before.
Ok these next 2 quilts are the same quilt…(they are just turned different in the picture) she washed it in something that she thought was a color setting wash but it was some kind of a color catcher and it took all the color out of it.. it still looks nice, really it looks like the same fabric but just in another color way. I wish I could remember the name of the wash she used.
Anyway after all this she wanted to make another one just like it and they didn’t have the kit any longer so she bought the shop demo quilt and brought it to be quilted….
Grandbaby Photo Of The Day
Tyler and Molly… these are my Florida grand babies. I don’t what was going on with them in this picture but I thought it was too cute, they both have such a silly little grin going on.

Here they are after a long day at San Diego Zoo.
We had a lot of fun with these two little monkeys. I’m already missing them BIG time and they just left 3 days ago…
Thanks for stopping by….. may your stitches always be perfect.


  1. The grand babies have grown so much ,there's just something so sweet about a sleeping child .As always the quilting on these quilts is awesome ,love the red and white one .

  2. Such cute grandbabies. Enjoyed the quilts!

  3. Beautiful quilts and quilting. I also feel as if I'm getting blog fatique and thinking of taking a break (though not sure if one can take a "break" when one hasn't been blogging all that often to begin with).

  4. Aren't grandbabies the best!?! I missed mine the minute the car pulled away from the curb. Your quilting is beautiful as always. It's amazing how much color was pulled out of that one quilt!


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