Friday, April 15, 2011

here I am

Wow it really has been a good while since I’ve been here and posted. This is going to be just a quick post… showing some of the customer quilts I’ve quilted in the last few months… is your quilt posted here?
I really like this first one, don’t you?
I really like this one too… oh really I like all of them Smile
DSCF3728DSCF3729DSCF3725DSCF3702DSCF3613DSCF3479 (1280x960)DSCF3644
DSCF3444 (1280x960)
This cupcake quilt is mine.. seems like I have taken forever to get it done.. it has just been sitting and waiting to be finished… my friend Helen was so nice to hem the binding for me.. now it’s hanging on my quilting room wall, I will have to take a picture of it and post it..
DSCF3803DSCF3804DSCF3820DSCF3823Ok now for those of you that live here in Bakersfield you have to try the strawberries out at the Snow Road strawberry patch… they are really good and sweet, actually red all the way through.. they have a little stand right there in front of the field of strawberries… it kind of reminds me of when we lived in Hollister.. there were fruit and veggie stands everywhere….
Oops I almost forgot to post my grandbaby pic of the day…. this is Molly Moo.. poor little baby girl has been sick all week with croup and an ear infection…


  1. Ok so I just noticed I posted a couple of quilts that I already posted in the last post.. thats ok though...Hopefully tomorrow I can post more pictures...I plan on baking bread tomorrow but we will see if that plays out or not..

  2. Some how I missed your February post ,no wonder it seems like you haven't posted for ever .While all these quilts are beautiful but I love to see your quilting designs on them ,the quilting on the blue one is amazing , you've come a long way with your machine .The strawberries made my mouth water ,our weather is crazy snow one day and 70F the next we won't see our strawberries for a while .Poor Molly Moo hope she feels better soon .

  3. What a great bunch of quilts! And you do such a wonderful job quilting them. I hope Molly is much better really soon. What a doll!

  4. how fun to get to quilt others' creations. you do such a nice job. your little grandchildren are adorable--as mine are, too. there is just something about grandchildren that has so filled my life with joy! i call them my girlie girls and boyly boys and have four of each--so blessed to have them (and their mammas and papas) in my life. have a great day

  5. Hello,

    I truly admire those talented artists like you that make these awesome quilts!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  6. You get to work on such lovely quilts! I especially like the patriotic one at the end of your post! Would love to have some of the fabric they used on the back of that one! :o)
    Sorry Molly Moo has been sick! Hope she's feeling better now!

  7. The child's quilt is adorable and the first black and white quilt is stunning.
    Sorry to hear your little granddaughter has been ill :(


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