Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sharing customer quilts today

I was sick for a few days….. now hubby is having some pretty serious medical stuff going on. I’m getting caught up on quilts and stuff. It’s terrible when your doctor sends you over with an urgent referral and it’s still 3 days before they can get you in.. so hopefully Thursday or Friday. Hopefully things will get somewhat back to normal soon….I have more quilts to show but they are still on my camera, so as soon as I can get them off and have time I will post them.


What a nice bright cheery quilt this one is… love it.DSCF3370


Really like this one Joan!!!!



Love this tea cup quilt, very pretty and dainty.

Sorry again Sandy Smile 

DSCF3409 (2)


DSCF3413 (2)





My grandbaby pic of the day is Tyler and the frog he found… he played with it for awhile then his mama made him let it go. she said he was either going to squeeze it to death or give it a heart attach. With that look on his face he may be squeezing a bit..


I love you Tyler Jude