Friday, January 21, 2011

It’s been awhile, I’m back


It really has been a good while since I’ve posted… but I’m here now with a few of my quilts to show off.

This first one I love. It’s kind of plain and simple, probably why I love it. The only thing about it is I wish I would have added a small dark border around the center of the quilt before adding the white borders but I ran out of fabric so went with it this way. I guess that’s what makes it mine and unique. Love the pattern I quilted on it. I think it’s called Antique. The binding is sewn on and waiting for the hand sewing, I will get to it this week, hopefully…Oh yeah the whole quilt was cut out using the GO cutter. Very quick and fun to use.




Love the fabric I used for this quilt.One Jelly roll and two charm packs and then a small amount of yardage for the white border. It’s called Bliss, one of my favorite fabrics right now…Quick and easy when everything is all cut out for you….. oh I got some Riley Blake fabrics the other day and it’s so cute too.. I can’t wait to use it. I used a different kind of batting on this one, it was much thicker than what I normally use… not sure yet if I like it.. maybe it would be ok and not so thick feeling if I would have used cotton backing instead of the minkie.



Oh I love this fabric too… the cupcakes look so yummy. I used my GO cutter to cut out the tumblers, it takes hardly no time at all to cute out a whole quilt with the GO cutter. I can’t wait to get a bunch of scraps tumblers cut out and sewn together for a good ol scrappy quilt….






Scrappy quilts are still my favorites of all. Really like this one. It’s the one I use at snuggled up in my chair… Do you all have a favorite quilt you like to use more than others… This one just has the right feel and it’s the perfect size for me on my chair.. it’s so snuggly if snuggly is a word. The backing is a blue with a tiny yellow flower and I quilted it with popcorn panto.




~Grandbaby photo of the day~

This is Miss Molly Moo.. she just turned one on the 18th. I can’t believe it’s already been a year. She looks so cute in the birthday dress I sent her… love the little cupcake on it….  


Thank you for stopping by…

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  1. So enjoyed your post today...what wonderful quilts and such a cutie you have there.

  2. Oh, do I love that scrappy quilt. I've been trying to come up with something scrappy and fast. This might just be it. Think I can draft that pretty easily, if you don't mind my borrowing. What a cutie Molly Moo is!

  3. All beautiful but I love the quilting on the first one its beautiful .Oh wow look at baby Molly where has the time gone ,what a darling ,sitting there in here cupcake dress .

  4. happy b-day to the rug rat. lvoe the tumbler top too. cw

  5. She is such a cutie!!! All of the quilts are so lovely, you always do such a wonderful job! I really like the looks of that "antique" panto, I may have to see about getting it!

  6. Good to see you back but I know you were busy with customers quilts over the holidays. I love the quilts you have made and quilted. I really need to invest in a GO! cutter. And happy birthday to little Miss Mollie Moo - she is adorable!!

  7. Love the quilting pattern on the hearts! Beautiful! I also love the red and aqua blue of the second quilt. My daughter is making a quilt for her fourth baby(due in April) and I went to the quilt store with her-Loved it there! Molly looks cute in the cute little dress you gave her. We are getting three new grandbabies this year(sorry if I may have already mentioned that):)


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