Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A few customer quilts today.

Another day of the ugly gloomy tule fog here in the valley. Everyday this week had been so terribly foggy and Hubby has had to drive to Fresno in it every morning. Today he works in Bakersfield so that means less worry for me. I am so ready for spring and summer to arrive. I need warm weather Smile

This first quilt was made by a friend of mine and I quilted it… it’s for Linus, she does a lot for Linus… I hope they know how lucky they are to have her around. I wish pictures could really show how wonderful a quilt looks, this one is much brighter and prettier in person.


Love this one, it’s a Christmas post card quilt. Each one of the post cards says something really cute on them. I should have gotten close up pictures of them. Oh well just believe me it’s adorable.


Love this heart quilt too… I have the book and all the fabric set out to make it…now I just need to find the time to get it started.


This one is all hand pieced… her grandmother made it… we weren’t sure if it would all work out but it did.. it actually turned out very nice and she loved it.. what a wonderful thing to have a quilt finished up that your grandmother started who knows how many years ago.


This is another one made by my 94 year old customer..…I think she had more energy than I do Smile


Thimbleberry, anyone doing this years Thimbleberry quilt? Here is it all done, well except the binding.. if you want to see it all finished or if you want to take the class for it you can go on over to ‘To Quilt n Sew’ click on the badge on my side bar to get there.



Tee shirt quilt.. I guess they will always be popular


A couple more pretty ones.



~Grandbaby Photo of the day~


Tyler Jude, he is such a little cutie….


  1. You must get so inspired working with so many great quilts. I would want to stop and make one for myself! You must be very disciplined! Cute grandbaby as always!

  2. Oh my goodness...I love love all the quilts...and that cute smiling face....awesome!

  3. The Linus quilt is wonderful! I contribute crocheted afghans to that great organization. It's something I can do while watching tv and not have to concentrate on. Your work is beautiful as always. It so enhances each and every quilt.

  4. Look at that smile Tyler has ,he's such a handsome fellow .
    You have been busy with all these quilts ,there beautiful .

  5. Thanks for the quilt show and your darling grandson picture.......he looks so sweet!

    Happy Sewing....Spring is coming soon......


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