Saturday, January 22, 2011

Baby bibs and yeast rolls

I think I could make baby bibs all day if they would let me… who are “they” anyway? Really baby bibs are so much fun, all the cute fabrics… quick and easy to make. I found this fabric the other day and knew I had to make more bibs… two of them will be for my little nephew in Indiana and the other two my daughter is giving to her cousin in law as a gift.
Oh also I purchased this fabric for baby boy bibs.. while looking at it at the store all I saw was how cute it was and the cute little animals on it.  The next day while pressing it I noticed the flowers… while still as cute as could be I’m not sure it would work for baby boy bibs… what do you think?
I had a some left over fabric from a previous quilt so I stacked it and made this cute little 4 patch table topper…
Mary L.. here are my yeast rolls I was telling you about… I was pretty proud of myself for how they turned out since I had tried homemade bread several times in the past few years and it never turned out…. They were yummy..
~~Grandbaby photo of the day~~
Miss Molly Moo after her birthday party, she was so tired and look at that chubby little hand.
Happiness is a choice….. choose it.


  1. are right, the fabric you are chosing for those bibs are awesome...and I think I could make them all day too.

    Aren't babies sooooo sweet when sleeping, what a cutie.

  2. very nice bibs,the rools look YUMMY! the baby is just so peaceful&precious,

  3. I also like the bibs..but your rolls look wonderful! Persistence paid off, didn't it? You'll get more confident each time.

  4. I love making baby bibs too although it's been a few years since anyone has needed them. I always look at the kids fabric in the stores cause it's so darn cute. Molly is adoreable! Love the chubby hand.


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