Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A few customer quilts today.

Another day of the ugly gloomy tule fog here in the valley. Everyday this week had been so terribly foggy and Hubby has had to drive to Fresno in it every morning. Today he works in Bakersfield so that means less worry for me. I am so ready for spring and summer to arrive. I need warm weather Smile

This first quilt was made by a friend of mine and I quilted it… it’s for Linus, she does a lot for Linus… I hope they know how lucky they are to have her around. I wish pictures could really show how wonderful a quilt looks, this one is much brighter and prettier in person.


Love this one, it’s a Christmas post card quilt. Each one of the post cards says something really cute on them. I should have gotten close up pictures of them. Oh well just believe me it’s adorable.


Love this heart quilt too… I have the book and all the fabric set out to make it…now I just need to find the time to get it started.


This one is all hand pieced… her grandmother made it… we weren’t sure if it would all work out but it did.. it actually turned out very nice and she loved it.. what a wonderful thing to have a quilt finished up that your grandmother started who knows how many years ago.


This is another one made by my 94 year old customer..…I think she had more energy than I do Smile


Thimbleberry, anyone doing this years Thimbleberry quilt? Here is it all done, well except the binding.. if you want to see it all finished or if you want to take the class for it you can go on over to ‘To Quilt n Sew’ click on the badge on my side bar to get there.



Tee shirt quilt.. I guess they will always be popular


A couple more pretty ones.



~Grandbaby Photo of the day~


Tyler Jude, he is such a little cutie….

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Baby bibs and yeast rolls

I think I could make baby bibs all day if they would let me… who are “they” anyway? Really baby bibs are so much fun, all the cute fabrics… quick and easy to make. I found this fabric the other day and knew I had to make more bibs… two of them will be for my little nephew in Indiana and the other two my daughter is giving to her cousin in law as a gift.
Oh also I purchased this fabric for baby boy bibs.. while looking at it at the store all I saw was how cute it was and the cute little animals on it.  The next day while pressing it I noticed the flowers… while still as cute as could be I’m not sure it would work for baby boy bibs… what do you think?
I had a some left over fabric from a previous quilt so I stacked it and made this cute little 4 patch table topper…
Mary L.. here are my yeast rolls I was telling you about… I was pretty proud of myself for how they turned out since I had tried homemade bread several times in the past few years and it never turned out…. They were yummy..
~~Grandbaby photo of the day~~
Miss Molly Moo after her birthday party, she was so tired and look at that chubby little hand.
Happiness is a choice….. choose it.

Friday, January 21, 2011

It’s been awhile, I’m back


It really has been a good while since I’ve posted… but I’m here now with a few of my quilts to show off.

This first one I love. It’s kind of plain and simple, probably why I love it. The only thing about it is I wish I would have added a small dark border around the center of the quilt before adding the white borders but I ran out of fabric so went with it this way. I guess that’s what makes it mine and unique. Love the pattern I quilted on it. I think it’s called Antique. The binding is sewn on and waiting for the hand sewing, I will get to it this week, hopefully…Oh yeah the whole quilt was cut out using the GO cutter. Very quick and fun to use.




Love the fabric I used for this quilt.One Jelly roll and two charm packs and then a small amount of yardage for the white border. It’s called Bliss, one of my favorite fabrics right now…Quick and easy when everything is all cut out for you….. oh I got some Riley Blake fabrics the other day and it’s so cute too.. I can’t wait to use it. I used a different kind of batting on this one, it was much thicker than what I normally use… not sure yet if I like it.. maybe it would be ok and not so thick feeling if I would have used cotton backing instead of the minkie.



Oh I love this fabric too… the cupcakes look so yummy. I used my GO cutter to cut out the tumblers, it takes hardly no time at all to cute out a whole quilt with the GO cutter. I can’t wait to get a bunch of scraps tumblers cut out and sewn together for a good ol scrappy quilt….






Scrappy quilts are still my favorites of all. Really like this one. It’s the one I use at snuggled up in my chair… Do you all have a favorite quilt you like to use more than others… This one just has the right feel and it’s the perfect size for me on my chair.. it’s so snuggly if snuggly is a word. The backing is a blue with a tiny yellow flower and I quilted it with popcorn panto.




~Grandbaby photo of the day~

This is Miss Molly Moo.. she just turned one on the 18th. I can’t believe it’s already been a year. She looks so cute in the birthday dress I sent her… love the little cupcake on it….  


Thank you for stopping by…

Happiness is a choice….choose it.