Sunday, November 14, 2010

I didn't win but I did win....

Erin over at was having a bloggy giveaway and I didn't win but I did win. Does that sound right.... She found out I have never won a bloggy giveaway and she just couldn't stand for that and changed it. She is very generous. Go on over to her blog and read about it and take a look around, she has some wonderful quilts she's made along with other crafty stuff. Oh and she has the 2 cutest little boys.
Thanks again Erin, you are so sweet.


  1. That is generous.

  2. Vera, you know we all love you. I am glad that Erin picked you to break your streak, your a winner in my book! cw

  3. I just read Erin's post about making you a winner. Congratulations!! Isn't Erin sweet.

  4. You are most welcome! The package went out in yesterday's mail - enjoy!


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