Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I can't believe November is here already..

I guess when you are busy time really does fly by fast. I can't believe it's November already, plus it's been in the high 70's here all week and today is suppose to be 87 and high 80's for the rest of the week... it just doesn't seem like November with this warm weather, I think we are usually cold by now. Not complaining though, I love it.... wish it would stay this warm all winter :)
Finally got the rest of the Dr.Seuss fabric I wanted. Now to watch for a pattern I think would work well with it.
This was a block I saw in a quilt magazine. Very easy and fun to make but I have to many other projects to going so I just made 2 blocks and turned it into a little table topper and it will have to wait it's turn to be quilted.
A couple of customer quilts. Love this first one, so simple but so cute.
The second one here, the log cabin was made by a woman who 95 years young. I told my hubby I hope I can still sew and make quilts at that age. She is very frugal too, she uses every little scrap and pieces them together if they aren't big enough. I don't know where she gets all of her energy.

I have two of my own quilts I'm working on but the photos didn't load so I will have to try them next time. Oh and working on pillow cases to give nieces and nephews for Christmas. They are all so cute, I will try and post them next time too.
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  1. That Dr. Seuss fabric is to die for.... Love the blocks and quilts as well.

  2. How adorable the Dr. Seuss material is and I can't wait to see what you create. The log cabin quilt is quite lovely and I can imagine how that young lady of 95, still finds pleasure in being creative!

    Deanna :D

  3. Check out these for inspiration on that sues fabric :)

  4. I do love seeing your customer quilts! I think it is amazing to be 95 and still be able to produce beautiful quilts like that! I do love log cabin quilts, I made one not too long ago and loved how it went together. The other quilt that you showed, not sure what the pattern is called but that would be a quick and simple one to do, may have to add that to my list!!

  5. Ok, I'm tired of the warm weather. I want it to be cool! At least we weren't as hot as down south - Long Beach was 100* on Wednesday! Love the little table topper. Which magazine was the block in? Wow, to be 95 and still making quilts! I hope that is me one day.

  6. Would you please share what magazine the pattern was in for the pink and green gingerbread? Thank you.


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