Sunday, November 7, 2010

Frustrated with blogging

OK I think I have just about had it with blogging.. blogger won't let me upload photos and when I try it on Picasa it only uploads part of what I chose to upload. I wonder if there is another way to post or another blog host. Any ideas are appreciated.

So here are the photos I did get.
This is that scrappy one I have been working on a little at a time and finally got it done, well the top anyway, it is waiting in line to be quilted and finished. I have some prairie points to add to it but that's after it's quilted.
This little and I do mean little quilt I started Friday night and didn't get to work on it again till last night and finished it up, also in line to be's really cute though and so tiny. It measures 16x20
and finally got the borders sewn around my little stitchery.
OH this cute little sachet my friend Helen made for me, it smells so pretty.
From Simple Things
Comes Simple Pleasures.
Happy Stitching.  


  1. Oh yeah so I didn't get any customer quilts posted this time.

  2. PLEASE try windows live writer. It's an easy download and I have NEVER had problems with it. It is SO much easier than using the blogger program. I would miss you if you left. Have a great Sunday, and please BREATHE, BREATHE, BREATHE!

  3. OH, and I love your quilts and embroidery project!

  4. Love that scrappy quilt! Sorry for your frustrations. That can be so maddening.

  5. Each of your projects is so pretty and very special! I particularly love the mini quilt and the raggedy sayings quilt. Very nice work!

  6. Your projects are wonderful! I just love them!

  7. Fun Quilts.

    I upload all my photos to and then use the linkit function. I never have to worry also about filling up my alloted space at blogger and then either delete photos or pay. Webshots has a FREE part but I pay $14.99 a year. I have over 13,000 (yes 13,000) photos and videos stored. JMO

    It's my understanding that windows live is going to be changing soon. I tried it but prefer my method.

  8. I'm not too techie...I have just been using the blogger (though it does have a "new" editor)from the beginning. Sorry that I'm no help! I know sometimes this computer stuff is frustrating:( Hope you hang in there! Good luck!
    Love your little stitchery project(what a cute sentiment)!

  9. Lovely quilts and you have been busy.
    I use Windows Live Writer to do my blog posts and find it so easy to use and never have a problem with it and I can do much more with the pictures than in Blogger. Just google Windows Live Writer and you should be able to download it and set it up by following the prompts. Super easy.

  10. Lovely quilts. Another Windows Live Writer user here. Don't have any problems when I blog this way. So easy to use. Email me if you need some help. Karen

  11. I love everything you were able to show us! I especially like the color combination in your mini quilt. And your little stitchery is adorable.

  12. Vera, where did you get the pattern for the little stitchery? That is so cute, and something I'd like to make for my niece for Christmas.


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