Thursday, October 14, 2010

Look what I got yesterday...

I'm still having issues with uploading but I did get these photo's to go through but it took forever and I had to keep trying over and over. A few other bloggers I know are also having issues so hopefully they will have it all up and running correctly soon.
I have been waiting forever for Dr. Seuss fabric to come in. Robin got these two in and is expecting more any time. I can't wait.. This fabric is so so cute and who doesn't like Dr. Seuss?
Not sure yet what I will make with it but I just had to have it.
 One of the little stitcheries I have been working on forever... I kept putting it back and forgetting about it..finally got it all done, so now I need to figure out if I want to quilt it or stitch in the ditch.
 A close up of one of the blocks..


  1. I love the applique trio....the colors are beautiful! I think I would stitch in the ditch so the handwork shows.

  2. I bought several of those a few weeks ago at our store here. They are so much fun. I'm going to make a bag or two with mine.
    Love your stitchery.

  3. I have not posted in forever but someone else said something about posting photos...not easy. Your little stitch blocks are very nice. The fabric for the blocks was perfect.


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