Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Saturday with a few customer quilts to share.

I plan on getting a lot of my own sewing done today, lets see if it really works out that way for me.
I've been working on a quilt every night this week but I forgot all about getting some fabric for the borders so I may have to run to the fabric store today. It needs to be Mary Englebrite fabric, I have a feeling it's going to be hard to find. I may end up having to go on line and look for it.
This first quilt is so cute. Holly Hobbie appliqued on the squares. I think she is selling it along with 3 other quilts I just quilted for her, if anyone is interested let me know. I will try and get the others posted later, they are still on my camera.  
 Pretty brown fence rail quilt. You can't really see it but the gold kind of color is really like a copper and shiny, really pretty in the quilt.
Scrappy log cabin. Love those scrap quilts.
 I'm not sure what this pattern is called. She made two of them just alike.
 Here's what she chose for the quilting. Looks real pretty.
 And a few more.
Thank you so much for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Very nice! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love them all, scrappy one the best for me,

  3. Beautiful quilts and you always do a great job on the quilting.

  4. There all great but I love that Holly Hobby one , is it appliquéd or a panel .

  5. Love, love, love the Holly Hobbies! She is my all-time-favorite girl! :o)

  6. I love that Holly Hobbie Quilt...just too cute!

  7. Such wonderful quilts. They are all lucky to be quilted by you!

  8. Thanks for sharing - they are all lovely!


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