Monday, October 11, 2010

Eating spiders and showing a few quilts.

Here's Miss Molly Moo.. that's her nick name Molly Moo... I think she's a little bit to much into Halloween right now with eating spiders. They were decorating the front porch and she was sitting in the grass watching, eating spiders, good thing they were fake but still a cute picture... oh yeah she will be dressed as a moo cow for Halloween.... picture to come I'm sure. (Love the bib she's wearing too)
Don't you just love a good ol scrappy quilt? Well here's one that one of my customers made. It turned out really cute and scrappy. I think she said it's going on her guest bed. Wouldn't you love to be a quest under a quilt like that? There is just nothing like a scrappy quilt, they just seem so old fashion and like Grandma use to make, love em.

My friend Helen made this cute little felt snowman mug rug for me.. she's such a sweetie and very talented.
It's all about me, that's the name of this pattern... you use fabrics that tell all about you.. I think this quilt is so cute and looks really easy to make...
The Senior Olympics is where this quilt was this weekend. My sister made it and I quilted it for her. It was raffled off at the Senior Olympics. I'm still waiting to hear how much it went for.

Don't you just love polka dots for quilt backs, I do... cute little baby girl quilt.
And another really pretty quilt.. I can't remember the name of this but something to do with cathedral windows.
I got a couple of stitcheries done this weekend and worked on a few others, cleaned my quilting room which was way over due for a good cleaning, now I don't want to go in there and mess it up, but it's what I do :)
Have a good Monday and get some sewing and fun stuff done!


  1. You always show such gorgeous quilts, thanks. I wish I could have won the Seniors one your sister made but I don't even live near you (or her) *LOL* Molly may be eating fake spiders but when I was about that age I apparently liked to roll caterpillars around in my mouth. My mom had my playpen right under a tree and they'd just fall in there with me. Guess I was teething or something. Hope I didn't gum really hard! Blech!

  2. Lovely quilts and that little snow man mat is so cute .Good thing you said the spiders were candy , I got shivers up my back LOL

  3. Your wonderful quilting is always the finishing touches for so many beautiful quilts. Molly Moo looks like a very happy baby!


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