Sunday, October 3, 2010

Customer quilts

Well for some reason I am not able to upload more than 4 photos right now... so anyway just sharing some of the quilts I've quilted in the last couple of weeks. If I have time later on today I will try and upload more if it will let me. These took forever to upload and last night I uploaded photos on my grand kids blog and it was faster than it has ever been... who knows maybe it's just me doing something wrong on here.

Oh Hi Karen...glad you found my blog... I will try your photo tonight.....
Hope everyone is having a good weekend.. I'm excited and happy, hubby will be home tonight after being gone all week.
Loving this weather right now, it smells so fresh out, we got a little rain and thunder yesterday, I love getting up early in the fall mornings and opening the storm door to let the cool air in while listening to the birds chirping. From Simple things comes Simple Pleasures.


  1. the quilts, thanks for showing.

  2. Beautiful quilts. Especially like the first and last.

  3. The quilts are just beautiful!

  4. Great quilts! And your right, your grandchildren are adorable. I had to stop and look at them on your sidebar. :-)


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