Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Customer quilts and what I'm working on

This beautiful butterfly quilt is so pretty, it's another one of those that the lady is finishing and selling for the church. A lot of hand work on this one. 

When this one arrived she said you are going to need your sunglasses to look at thin one.. I don't think so, I thinks it just perfect and colorful.... love the borders on it too.
Love this pineapple quilt.. I still have never made a pineapple quilt. The lady that made this one said it is really easy..... easier than she thought it would be... I think that's why I keep putting it off, it just looks hard to do.. but maybe I need a good challenge.
Log Cabin quilts are always pretty..
This is one I'm working on.... the one I forget to get border fabric for. The triangles were from a pack of turnovers I purchased on line.... Looking at it now I wish I wouldn't have used the red fabrics... maybe if I make one of the borders red it will look better.
And candy corn cupcakes for the sweet tooth.... We made these a couple of weeks ago when Rylee was here...
From Simple Things Comes Simple Pleasures.


  1. There all nice but I like the embroidered one ,that lady is going to make the church a bundle LOL

  2. Very beautiful quilts! You do such a wonderful job on the quilting. I really like that embroidered one.

  3. Oh my, those quilts are awesome and that butterfly quilt is out of this world.....

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  5. Love all the quilts, and the pillowcases are darling. I especially love the pinwheel quilt, since I just finished making one using turnovers.I like the red in it, and yes, I think if you use a red border, or even one of the other darker colors you used, or similar to it, it will look fine. I want to make another one, even if I have to cut my own turnovers. I just heard Moda was discontinuing the turnovers. I just found out how to make the pinwheels, and I had so much fun doing it!

    Oh, I bet the cupcakes were delicious!

  6. Vera I tried to email you ,your address link isn't working .

  7. That butterfly quilt is my favorite, and those cupcakes look scrumptious! I love candy corn!


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