Wednesday, July 14, 2010

scrappy all done...

Here's the scrappy one all done waiting to be picked up... I love this quilt. She chose a meander/stipple pattern for it using china blue thread. The back of the quilt has the cutest polka dot fabric.. I'm going to have to find out where she purchased that one.
I worked on my scrappy one a bit yesterday and last night in between sneezing and itching. This is a bad time of the year for me with allergies..... and it's so dang hot here right now so that doesn't really help either.
The other day my little grand daughter Rylee was here and wanted to sew a pillow..... one with decorative stitches, you can't really see the stitches in the picture but they are all around the edge of the pillow on the white fabric... she chose a different stitch for each edge. She is such a silly and fun little thing to have around...

A couple of the pillow cases I made for my grand children.. they love them....

I love the sausage way of making pillow cases, so much nicer and easier to I will want to make one to match and store every quilt in :)
Stay Happy Stitching


  1. Wonderful scrap quilt. And a cutie for sure!

  2. The scrap quilt is great and I love the fabric on the back, so cute...Rylee is so cute too. I bet you have so much fun with her and aren't you glad she likes to sew? Her little pillow is very cute. I like to do pillowcases with this method too. We call it the Rolly Polly Pillowcase. Hugs, Linda

  3. There is just something about a scrapy quilt that catches my eye. It is so pretty, but the beauty here is that little cutie pie you have pictured. :) Gerry

  4. Cute model you have there...cute pillows...

  5. Love the scrap quilt. Your grand daughter is a cute!

  6. I just found your blog! Love the quilts you are working on. Do you have a pricelist? Where are you located? I am in NC and have some quilt tops that I would love to have quilted.

  7. Love the idea of a pillow case to match and store each quilt in! I may need to try that going forward.


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