Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 7 2010

It's hard to find the time to get on here to post and visit other blogs as often as I want to.... but I am here now for a few minutes with some eye candy to share..... this is the quilt from the previous post, all quilted and looking pretty... I love this quilt.. it was one of those I didn't want to call and tell her it was ready...

Love the fabric she used for the backing too ....

Who doesn't love Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too?

Over the holiday weekend I got into making pillow cases.. seems like everyone was making them awhile back but I never did get into it until now.... guess I am a little slow... they were fun to make using the sausage method.... I made all my grand children one too.. I will try and post them at a later date...

How cute are these little hair clips, I made these two for my grand daughter Rylee.. she loves crafty stuff and makes her own hair bows.. I will have to post a few she has made... she makes some cute ones... If you want to make this one go on over to Polka Dot Pineapple blog, she has a tutorial for it...... quick, easy and fun to make... she uses bobby pins but I used clips because that's what Rylee uses in her hair.... and they worked out just fine....Oh Barb over at Bejeweled Quilts made some really cute ones too....

Happy Quilting


  1. I love those quilts.... Do you find that you get attached to them?

    What cute bows and the button you used on that one is adorable!!!

  2. I really love that first quilt!
    My girls loved hair bows like that when they were younger! Too cute!

  3. The quilts were fantastic to see....truly eye candy!! The bows are darling....I may have to try that for my 3 princesses!!

  4. Great quilts ,I remember making bows like that when my two girls were young. Rylee will love them .

  5. The first quilt looks like a perfect pattern for my youngest granddaughter's wedding quilt (which I've owed her for over a year now--that's what happens when you more or less elope!)

  6. Lovely quilts. The first one is my favorite too. What cute bows too.

  7. The first quilt looks like jewels, very pretty. And Winnie the Pooh how cute. Love the quilting on it. Those little hair bows are just perfect for a little girls hair, very clever.


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