Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Monday Morning

Only 5 more days till I get to go see these two grand babies... look at Molly Jean, I don't think she could have a bigger smile than that... she's such a little cutie..

Here's Tyler waving to his Daddy in the desert and waiting patiently for him to hurry and get home.... He tells everyone his daddy is in the desert getting the bad guys and he is a hero...

Finished all the blocks for my scrappy quilt.. this picture show a few missing but I did get them done last night... now hopefully soon I can get all the blocks sewn together, they may have to wait till I get back from Denver.. I have lots to do this week to get ready. This quilt was fun to make and yep I cut out way to many pieces so I had to start another scrappy quilt with them..
This is the new scrappy I started last night with the left overs. I won't make it as big as the other one. That first one has 1008 pieces of fabric... that was a lot of 2x31/2 pieces to cut...

Suzy Zoo is the most adorable fabric. It's hard to find and I do have some that I must have gotten from ebay a few years ago. These 2 little ones are so cute, she is making them for her first grand baby. ... how fun.

Happy Quilting


  1. I love your scrappy quilt, but I love those big smiles more. Tell Tyler I want to thank his daddy for standing between us and the enemy. Gerry

  2. Those scrappies are fabulous - I particularly like the 2nd layout with the white in the centers. Those sure are some cute grandbabies, too!

  3. Those little ones are adorable, give them a squeeze and a hug for me since I don't have any.

    Love your scrappies.

  4. The scrap quilts are so pretty and colorful. I love them! The grands are just adorable. Have a good time on your visit and do a lot of hugging!!

  5. Oh, what sweet smiles. I know you will have a wonderful time hugging and kissing those little sweeties. I agree with Gerry, tell Tyler's Dad thank you for me too and I hope he stays safe. Your scrappy quilts look great. Good job on both. Have fun!

  6. Smiles like that warm the heart,

    Love the scrappy quilt too,

    Take care

  7. Your scrappy quilt is wonderful. I do believe I recognize some of the fabric! Have fun with those grandbabies!

  8. Oh my that is one beautiful little girl and what a great Mom for teaching her son so early what a true hero is. (Not a sports figure!)
    You are gonna have a ball with those grandbabies...... I'm green with envy!
    Enjoy every minute and I pray your hero soldier
    comes home safely to his loving family.

    Happy sewing

  9. Ok, those are the sweetest babies I have ever seen! You are so blessed! And you quilting? Marvelous. Simply gorgeous!
    As we say here in TX... "you done good girl!"


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