Sunday, July 11, 2010

Customer quilts

Just a quick post today in between cleaning house.. I wanted to work out in the yard today but it's so darn hot and muggy out that I knew I would last long enough to get anything done.

So here I am showing off customer quilts again.. sorry I just can't help it...They are all so pretty... lol
Another Diamond Dust, this time made with beautiful greens... love it....

And of course you all know I love this one, it's PINK.... I really really need one of those embroidery machines :)

here's the back of it, all PINK...
Beautiful work here Julie....

Could it be any prettier....
Ok this post was not quick after all.. it took forever to upload pictures. Back to house cleaning now.... have a wonderful Sunday...


  1. Beautiful quilt and quilting! it was a pleasure to see the pics!

  2. They are beautiful quilts and yes you should teat yourself to a embroidery would use it. Was the green diamond dust Robin's - I know she was doing onein green.

  3. Both of these are beautiful. Your quilting breathed life into both of these. You did a wonderful job on both, thanks so much for sharing...Have a wonderful week.

  4. Those quilts are amazing....thanks for the show!!

  5. The only quilts I get to see are customer quilts!! Isn't this the best job?!!


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