Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pretty and Ugly...

Here's the ugly first... This is what I found while working in the flower bed today... yesterday Dennis power washed some tables and chairs and stuff on the patio so I'm thinking that's where it came from because I don't think black widows are usually in flower beds, I think they like to hide under stuff... that's what I'm telling myself so I will still work in the

Of course Dennis had to play around with it for awhile... just squish is already....

And now for the pretty.. these are a few roses we planted in the spring.. they are blooming so pretty...

Always remember to stop and smell the roses...


  1. Yuck to black widows.....big smiles to the beautiful roses!!

  2. Beautiful roses ,thanks for sharing .

  3. And the pretty wins! The roses are gorgeous and your photography is fantastic...Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed it. Gerry

  4. Lovely roses. I especially like the yellow and pink. Are they Peace? Lane

  5. are the pretty duos Double Delight? if so I had soem and the fragrance is SUPURB.... thanks for sharing,Amy

  6. Your roses are just beautiful. Since I live in an apartment now I don't have roses anymore but I sure do love to look at other peoples. Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures with us.


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