Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Miss Rylee and her Tutu she made... and quilts

My little grand daughter Rylee.. she is so creative and crafty... today she made this cute little tutu all by herself. I may have to commission her to make a purple one for Molly....

If you look really close at Rylee you can see that she lost her first tooth, well really she lost 2 in the same week and made a good bundle from the tooth fairy...

This is her art project she did at school this year... as you can see she got a first place blue ribbon on it. The way I understood it is that her school could only pick 2 art pieces from each grade to enter into an art show and hers was one of them...I think she did very well for a 7 year old... Very nice Rylee, I am so proud of you girl...
This cute little Wonky Scrappy Log Cabin baby quilt is what I worked on over the weekend and finished it up this morning.....I have a new panto that I'm going to do on it... I'll post a picture to after I quilt it. This was fun to do but the border took longer to do than the blocks... it was so fun and easy I started another one using brown scraps...

Stay Happy Stitching


  1. Well done Rylee on her Tutu skirt, love the wonky log cabin and a fast finish too with it,
    Take care

  2. Good for Rylee ,she has her grandma's touch for sewing .

  3. Wow...talent is in her genes! :)

  4. Wow I wish I had a reason to wear a tutu... It's great and the art work - great. Wonderful to have a budding artist in your family.

  5. Congrats to Rylee, for her art award but also her awesome tutu! Love the wonky log cabin - I think it's going to be very cozy in brown.

  6. love everything I've seen - your little granddaughter is a chip off the old block - she is going to be just like you with her love of stitching - how wonderful :-) xxx

  7. Rylee is so cute. Her and her tutu and no tooth! Congrats to her on her art work. Talent runs in the family...

    Your little pink log cabin is sweet too. Thanks for sharing, hugs, Linda


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