Thursday, June 3, 2010

Anyone remember this quilt?

I think I posted this quilt awhile back but I can't remember for sure, anyway I made it a few years ago, it's my first hand applique work..the flowers are appliqued. I used all 30's repo fabric on it. So I dug it out of the closet last night and got it all pressed, got the backing ready for it and it's my project for this weekend.. I may be able to start on it today.... Yesterday the brown man brought me a few new panto patterns so I will probably chose one of those for it....
and now for a few customer quilts... this first one the lady started it years ago for her grand daughters wedding and just now finished it.. I think we all have quilts like that... I know I do... Beautiful quilt Sharon...

How pretty is this... I do believe it was hanging up at "To Quilt n Sew" for awhile.
How about this one.. I think it's called Chimney Stones... not for sure now though.. anyway a very nice quilt.....this lady stole it out of her moms closet and brought it to me to quilt for a surprise for her moms birthday.. how wonderful is that... The mom never knew it was missing.
This next one is her first quilt ever.. she did really good on it... love those colors...

Oh Betty, you will probably like this one a lot since you love the X block ... I really like the borders on this one...
She used Cuddles for the backing, which you can get from "To quilt n Sew" Robin has quite a few there to chose from.... very soft like minkie but without so much stretch...

And the last picture is for you Cindy... do you remember this?
May your bobbin always be full!
Stay Happy Sewing.


  1. wonderful pictures, I love the eye candy.- cw

  2. I love looking at all the quilts its very inspiring . I love the first one ( your own ) now it would have been better if you spread it out so we could see it .LOL I'm sure you will once its been quilted ,can't wait .

  3. You always have such lovely quilts to show! I especially like that pink/rosey star quilt! Beautiful!

  4. Hi, new follower...
    Your quilts are beautiful and so is your blog!

  5. Beautiful quilts. Glad you're back posting.


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