Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday May 30 2010

Oh my goodness look how big Miss Molly Jean is and how much she has grown since my last post... I can't wait to see her next month...I have a few pictures to share on this post but I just had to show Molly Jean first....

Who ever thought baby bibs would be addicting? I can't stop making them :) These two are for Molly Jean.... they are adorable and reversible... Molly's mama is going to love em too....

Could these two be any cuter? I made them for my friend Helen's grand baby, Rachael... oh yeah she is as adorable as Molly Jean too... Can you tell I love babies...

Here are a couple of the beach bags I made, really I made 6 of them and gave them all away to family and friends... these are fun and easy to make... it's one of those things kind of like the bibs, you can't make just one.... you can get the pattern and the pet screen at "To Quilt n Sew" ( stop on by there and say Hi to Robin and the other girls.. they are very helpful and always willing to help) she has several colors of the pet screen... a really pretty green I think I'm going to have to have and there will be a pink coming out soon and of course you know I have to have that one.... oh and there is also a cute little zip bag pattern that is really easy and it also uses the pet screen.. I have a picture of one... I will post at a later date... it makes a really cute set if you make them both... my little grand daughter uses hers as a book bag and loves it....
Ok one last photo.. this is turning out to be a longer post than I intended it to be.. but these are so cute I wanted to share them too... A little spray starch cozy.. how cute are these.... and for those ladies that go for the classes you will always know which one is yours... here are a few I made... again you can't make just one... am I the only one that does that? I can't just make one of anything....

Thanks for stopping by my blog and hopefully I am back to posting regularly again.... Next post will have customer quilts...Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day and may you always be blessed....


  1. Hi Vera nice to hear from you ,my goodness look at Molly Jean what a little doll ,just look at her smile :-)
    You've been making some great stuff lately love the bags and the little cozy's .Looks like you have been busy .

  2. What an adorable baby Miss Molly is, look at that beautiful smile. I also love the little bibs and bags Vera.
    Have a nice Sunday

  3. Such a cutie pie, and those bibs are adorable too.

  4. Molly is precious!! I love the polka dots! The bags and bibs really look great. Happy stitching!

  5. Your bibs are wonderful. Is it your own pattern, or did you get it from somewhere?


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