Monday, April 19, 2010

mama ducks and her babies... and some quilts

I was going to add Molly Jean's picture at the very end of this post but then I decided she is so cute she has to be first.. look how much she had grown...she is growing to fast....

This weekend as absolutely beautiful, nice spring weather....We planted more flowers in the back yard and few more in the front... they look very pretty. Now tomorrow is suppose to be cold and maybe rain. I good day to hopefully get a lot of quilt done... today went be way to fast .. I did get a quilt pinned on the gammill and started before my dentist appointment.... after I left there I went by the grocery store then got a call that my grands are in my front yard waiting for me to get home... loved seeing then come running to the drive way to meet me.. their such Little cuties...They didn't to stay to long but long enough to love up on.

Yesterday hubby was out front doing some yard work when all at once the front door flew open and he yelled for me come here quick.. of course I thought something bad had happened... no not bad at all.... it was the cutest thing I've seen in a long time ... a mama duck and 8 of her babies walking across our drive way, across our yard, over to the neighbor yard... they were looking for their was back to the golf course lake behind our house.... well when I ran out the front door to see what hubby was yelling for me to see I just left the door wide open.... so now here we are trying to corral the ducks back to the side gate to get to the back yard and down into the lake... well they decide to go across the front porch where the door was standing wide open... I'm freaking out at this point, i know as cute as they are and everything, I don't want them running through my house.... so they are at the door getting ready to step in when Roxy, our little dog who is in there sleeping with a nice view of the front door. She sees them and run for them.. the poor little duck were so scared.. We hollered at Roxy and she stopped and went back in, she is a good dog.... any way after getting them off the porch ...of course the garage door is open and they go to that door which is closed...they his behind a ladder in the corner... we finally got them out of they and kind of herded them towards the gate to the back yard. They we right under the fence and into the water.. now here's the not so fun part... as soon as mama got into the lake with her babies, 3 mallards flew over and started attacking her.... they were holding this poor mama by the neck and hold her head in the water... it was terrible to watch.... I kept telling Dennis they are going to kill her.. this went on for a good 2 minutes, finally Dennis got the lock opened and went down to try and break them up... after he got a little bit close to them the mallards swam away... it was just terrible.. I didn't know ducks were so mean... They fought her and picked on her all day... Today I don't see them out there at all.... Hope mama and her babies are all ok.

Oh and Betty, be careful the skunks are back again this year. They got the cat next door one night last week.

My friend Helen made these first two quilts... she always make beautiful quilt and is very talented and also a grandma.... her little Rachael is so so cute....... this little house/heart quilt is cute but the one after it is one of my favorites that she has made.

This one love love love it....

This next quilt was made by Sandy.. another very talented quilt make.... she has a new grand baby on the way so this cute little pink quilt is for her.... the first picture is the back of the quilt made with minkie.. gotta love the soft minkie..
The front of the quilt... I did some freehand dwirlling on it and it turned out really cute, Sandy loves it.

Oh and this is another one that Helen made... very pretty.. I quilted ribbon and roses on it....

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  1. Molly Jean is a sweetheart! She looks so happy!
    I love the last roses quilt - your quilting on it is beautiful!

  2. She is growing so quickly what a darling .I couldn't help but chuckle I can just imagine you when they went for the front door LOL .I didn't know they were mean like either .
    Your quilting as always is beautiful ,these ladies are very lucky to have you .

  3. Molly is adoreable! Just looking at her makes me smile. I had no idea ducks could be so mean. We have a lot of them here and I've never seen a fight even when they vie for seeds when we feed them.


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