Wednesday, March 24, 2010

wednesday march 24 th

Hope everyone is having a good week so far... I am having a busy one. My daughter just moved back here from Colorado :) so I did some running around with her between quilt pick ups. Glad she's here, just hope now they can find work soon.

Love this beautiful spring days we are having, sure hope it stays this way but I do think we are getting some rain in a few days..oh well it will just make the flowers more pretty.

Lets see if I can get a few quilt pics to load up here... the first one will be one that I made, it's called ric rac road.. I thought I had a picture of it after I quilted it but this is the only one I could find on my computer. Anyway this pattern was out of a magazine, very easy and fun to do... I'm thinking about maybe making a baby one using pinks...imagine


  1. Boy the stack and whack ones are so pretty. They look like kaleidoscopes to me....and that is a good thing. I like the kiddie one with the tools too!

  2. Thanks Becky... I guess I should have explained the quits.. the tool kiddie one is actually for the customers husband, isnt it cute, her hubby builds churches so he is working with tools all the time.. Love the stack n whack too...

  3. Oh wow, great eye candy. I love the tools one and I like your rick rack one but my favorite is the red and turquoisy one.


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