Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday March 27, 2010

Happy Saturday to everyone... what happen to our nice spring weather here in CA... yesterday was cold all day..but I think today is suppose to be warmer then tomorrow back into the 80's again..... yeah, I love warm weather....Yesterday morning I woke up at 3 am, couldn't go back to sleep so I got up and started a pink ric rac quilt... it's going slower than I wanted it to though... just a lot of little interruptions and other stuff I had to do. I did get all the pieces cut out and a few sewn together..sure you will see it on here when it's all done.... My friend Betty brought over a really cute ric rac road she make using the dick and jane fabric, I can't wait to get started quilting it.... toooooo cute....
Ok so here are just a few customer quilts to show today.. love love love this first one, very nice...

What a cute little bug quilt this is....sure wish my camera took better pictues or is it I wish I took better pictures... oh well.

Miss Helen made this one... it's for the Linus. She does a lot for them. If anyone is interested they are always needing help and donations.
Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend...


  1. Thanks for sharing these wonderful quilts they are such an inspiration!
    Happy Quilting,

  2. I enjoyed seeing those quilts...thanks!!

  3. Jimmy would love that Bug quilt! Your quilting is spectacular!

  4. Great quilts. Love the bug one and the kite one for Linus is wonderful!

  5. I loved the quilts...the bug quilt was so cute! Our weather here in Ireland is also cold. I hope we don't skip spring here.


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