Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday 9/17/09 quilts and cupcakes

It seems like I can't hardly find the extra time to post on my blog as often as I use to but, I am here now catching up a little bit. I have customer quilts and cupcakes to show you today.
The first is one of my rose cupcakes. It looks more red here but it isn't really all that red.

A cute little baby cupcake with the letter M for Molly... I think I could just make cupcakes all day and be happy with it...
This one is covered with fondant rolled with a decorative rolling pin.. how cute is that....
Fondant with a gum paste flower and a pearl in the middle, also too cute.
Oh my goodness this is the best orange cake. I told my hubby this one is too dangerous because I could eat it all day and not think twice about it. Too yummy!
and a few more GP roses to share.
Oh a cute little baby shower ducky cupcake.
Wow, these picture are not in the order I wanted them but at least they are here.
Poker anyone? This one has all poker fabric in it, she made it for her brother in law that loves poker.

This quilt was made by left over blocks from other quilts, she did good putting them all together to look good.
I love this carpenters star quilt and the fabric she used is beautiful.

Who doesn't love Halloween quilts? This one is so darn cute!

So sorry the pictures aren't very clear...
Hope you enjoyed looking and are having a good week, see you soon for Pink Saturday.


  1. What gorgeous cupcakes! Way too pretty to eat!
    I love your blog . . . and you are very lucky to have a husband who can make you laugh every day . . . My Cowboy does that for me, and I am truly blessed! Hang on to that man!

  2. I, too, find that I don't post as often as I'd like. Great cupcakes! I'm glad I am not at home right now, because seeing those made me want to search out the sweets in my house!

  3. wow....your post was awesome today....loved the cupcakes...and that Halloween quilt is to die for....yep, want a cupcake...want one now...

  4. I have to load my photos in reverse order, then do my post. Love the cupcake pictures, I use to make a pumpkin-pound cake with cream cheese icing that was to die for. Gain so much weight that year. i was making cupcakes for family and neighbors etc... and of course eating the ones that weren't perfect!

    I always enjoy seeing your customer quilts, you have a tallented groups of clients. be good cw

  5. The cup cakes are wonderful ,they look to good to eat . All the quilts are wonderful but I especially like the carpenters wheel.

  6. Oh my goodness your cupcakes are just amazing, those bra cupcakes made me smile. You are a very talented lady. Now I would love to make that orange cake I am drooling all over my keyboard. My WW is going out the window LOL>

  7. Deliciosos cupcakes!!! And tghe orange cake, look yummy!!!

  8. I like the carpenter's star quilt too. And that duckie cup cake is the cutest. You are so good at the decorating now, what is next? Wedding cakes perhaps, you could do it you know.

  9. It is hard to post when you're so busy!!! Save me a cupcake okay???

  10. What gorgeous cakes - I wish I could reach through my computer monitor and snatch a piece of that orange cake, lol!

  11. I love coming here and looking at all the yummy cupcakes and quilts! You always bring a smile to my face!


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