Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's what's on the machine Wednesday

It's what's on the machine Wednesday.....
but guess what? My camera is broke and not fixable, so no quilt pictures today. I can tell you the quilt on the machine right now is a stack n whack, very pretty and fall like colors. Sorry you have to just use your imagination on this one but it will be on here soon.

So hubby bought a new one...... a new fancy one that this girl hasn't learned how to use yet, you know it's one of those with all the bells and whistles. He took some cute pictures of Tyler while he was here visiting so I though I would share those with you and I promise this weekend when I have more time to learn the camera I will and have quilt pictures again. So let me know what you think about the quality of these pictures. I can't wait to learn how to use it for my quilts and pink Saturday posts.
These pictures were taken in our front yard, Tyler was doing well posing for the camera. We got a lot of really cute pictures of him.

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  1. what a handsome young man, very photogenic!! what kind of camera did ya get? I love bells and whistles.. have a greta day,Amy

  2. o geeze, fingers,, GREAT day,Amy

  3. I got a 'new to me' camera and still just do the point and shoot, need to learn the rest. Don't you just love a kid that will pose. He is adorable. cw

  4. I have one of those bells and whistles camera too, takes awhile to learn how to use them. The pictures are great and what a cutie for a subject of all those photos.

  5. Great photos. The quality is good. I just got a Cannon Power Shot. Not many bells and whistles but it takes the photos for me.

  6. Sorry to hear about your camera. Mine is older than dirt and I am amazed and thrilled it has lasted this long. Tyler is adorable! Such a great smile!


  7. Wonderful phots. He is so cute!

  8. Sorry about your camera but the new one really takes good photos.


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