Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What's on the machine Wednesday and a new scrap started

It's what's on the machine Wednesday.

It's my Carpenter's Wheel quilt. I really thought I would have this done by last night, (Betty I didn't do anymore quilting after you left yesterday) anyway I wanted to be done with this one and start on a couple of baby quilts from a customer, she is having twin grand babies and the quilts she made for them are so cute. The fabric has what I think are little aliens but who know it may be some cartoon out there. We don't watch a lot of cartoons here,
not even when the grand kids are here.

Anyway I love the pattern I'm doing on this one. Using Mother Goose thread color, one of my favorite colors. I'm over half way done so I should be able to get started on the baby quilts sometime today.

Here is the pattern close up. Love it.
Monday I just couldn't stand it anymore and had to start a scrap quilt. These are the scrappy wonky star blocks I have done so far. I love making these. You just cute 8 of what ever size squares you want for your back ground fabric. I used 4 inch then one 4 inch for the middle of the star and sew scraps to 4 of the squares for the points. You don't measure, you just lay the scrap piece on, sew it and flip it over. Turn the square over and trim off excess fabric to your square. So it can be longer or shorter points. A lot of mine are coming out about the same but if you use a bigger back ground square you can really get more of a wonky star. Sew all nine squares together and you have your block. Fun block to do. I probably didn't explain it very well so if you make one and have questions just ask.
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  1. I like your wonky stars. That would be something I would like to try. I like the colors on yours. Your quilting pattern looks great.

  2. que bonito tu blog!!!! me gusta todo lo que he tenido tiempo de ver hasta ahora...quiero ser una lectora asidua tuya ...besitos

  3. Very nice pattern you are using on that quilt ,your wonky stars look great .

  4. I always enjoy coming by, you have so many wonderful quilts to show...thanks.


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