Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pretty pin cushions, apple pie and Rylee

A couple of cute little pin cushions I made last week.

This one is kind of plain and simple but I like it, it's pretty and pink.

Rylee and Rett were here over the weekend, here she is working on her quilt again. She is starting to sew a little faster now and getting better each time she sews. She is such a little sweetie. Rett handed her a few fabrics squares then got bored with it and went off to play with toys.

Oh and we also baked a pie, she is so into cooking, I love it. She loves pinching the edges of the pie crust and making it pretty.
Here she is all ready to put it in the oven but of course grandma has to do that part so she doesn't burn herself. So guess what happens?
When I went to check on it to see if the apples were done yet, I didn't open the oven door all the way and accidently touched my arm to it. OUCH, that hurt. So now I have a nice burn just below my elbow. I knew better. I guess I learned a good lesson there. Anyway we had a good day all in all.
Thank you for stopping by. See you tomorrow for what's on the machine Wednesday.


  1. I love to see young ones sewing! All of my trio like to sew too, although to them it is more of a winter activity, as they never sit still long enough in the summer!
    The pincushions are adorable!!!

  2. What a wonderful little lady you have there! I hope I can share times like these with my 3 granddaughters!

  3. She's so cute and such a little Susie Homemaker ..Cute pin cushions .Take care of that burn .

  4. I love your pincushions. How sweet that Rylee is sewing on her quilt. Guess you could say she was playing with her toy :-)

  5. Your photos brought a smile to my face this morning!!! Thanks!

  6. Those pincushions are just too cute. Rylee will be a great quilter soon. And the pie, yummm.

  7. Rylee is going to make some young man very happy one of these days--a long time from now. I love the serious look on her face while she is sewing, she really is paying attention to what she is doing. You have done a great job of teaching there. Your pincushions are darling, as all your work always is 8>)

  8. Cute pictures...your granddaugter is so sweet and she is so intent with her sewing! I'm sorry you got burnt but I'm glad it wasn't her!! Your pincushions are so cute too. Do you cover a can or something inside or is it just filler? Do you have a pattern or did you buy one? hugs, Linda


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