Monday, July 13, 2009

Cherries and Sail Boats

I hope you all had a good weekend. I did, I got a lot of sewing done on my quilts. I got the binding sewn on my scrap string quilt that I showed on here the other day, now I just need to hand sew it down.

I had some blocks all finished for a small scrap quilt and got them all sewn together and now need to decide if I want a border or just leave it like it is. It's one of those I think doesn't really need a border.

Oh yeah I got another big string scrap quilt quilted, almost forgot about that one. I will post if later today or tomorrow. Another quilt ready to quilt. Oh and some snaps put on some needle keepers, they were a bit challenging this time. I kept doing it wrong but in the end I got them all done. Wow I really did get a lot of my own sewing and quilting done.

It feels good to get some of my unfinished project finished or almost finished.

Now to share a couple of customer quilts with you.
This first one really is cute with all that Cherry fabric, wish I would have taken a close up picture.
A few years ago I made my mother in law a kaleidoscope quilt using this light house fabric, now a good blogger would find that quilt picture and post it now but I have no clue which CD it's on so anyway this was the left over fabric. I gave the fabric to my friend Betty and she made this wonderful quilt for a good friend of hers. Isn't it nice and she did a good job on it as she always does with all of her quilts.

Love the fabric she used for the backing .

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  1. Wow, You were really busy. I just love the sail boat quilt. The fabric is great. Love the quilting pattern. Oh yeah, and the cherry quilt is too cute.

  2. Our real nice summer is so short I can't get to any quilting. These quilts are nice. I love cherries (so Mary Englebreit) and I especially love lighthouses.

  3. wow, you did get alot done...Love the quilts, that sailboat one is adorable.

  4. I have a stack of light-house theme fabrics started, I love the sailboats as an alt block. I may get something done with mine yet.

    tell the cherry gal- great job, what a fun top, no counting sheep to sleep- just doze off dreaming of colors and patterns and cherries! yum yum. cw

  5. The Qulit by the sail boats looks simply miraculous.
    Lots of love Janet

  6. The quilts are cute, and the quilting is awesome! Good job!

  7. Love the cherry fabric very much, sets the blocks off a treat,

    Love boats design too, anything to do with boats remind me off growing up by the sea,

    Take care


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