Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What's on the machine Wednesday

What's on the machines Wednesday is this cute little pink baby quilt but it isn't really on the machine yet, it's going on first thing this morning. Isn't is adorable. She used a whole lot of little 2 inch squares. It's all the 30 reproduction fabrics. Hopefully when I'm finished with the quilting I can take a better picture. Thanks for looking, have a good day and try to stay cool. We are still having a heat wave here.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pretty pin cushions, apple pie and Rylee

A couple of cute little pin cushions I made last week.

This one is kind of plain and simple but I like it, it's pretty and pink.

Rylee and Rett were here over the weekend, here she is working on her quilt again. She is starting to sew a little faster now and getting better each time she sews. She is such a little sweetie. Rett handed her a few fabrics squares then got bored with it and went off to play with toys.

Oh and we also baked a pie, she is so into cooking, I love it. She loves pinching the edges of the pie crust and making it pretty.
Here she is all ready to put it in the oven but of course grandma has to do that part so she doesn't burn herself. So guess what happens?
When I went to check on it to see if the apples were done yet, I didn't open the oven door all the way and accidently touched my arm to it. OUCH, that hurt. So now I have a nice burn just below my elbow. I knew better. I guess I learned a good lesson there. Anyway we had a good day all in all.
Thank you for stopping by. See you tomorrow for what's on the machine Wednesday.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Now I know my ABC's

Isn't this the cutest little quilt? Sorry it's not a very good picture but the fabric is really nice and bright in color. She used the red minkie for the backing and has a red meander/stipple all over.
What a fun way for the little ones to learn their ABC's

In a previous post I mentioned getting some minkie, well here it is. I can't wait to get to use it. Love the brown one and the tie die one, oh darn I love them all.
Another customer baby quilt. This one is cute too, my camera did not take good pictures this day. On this one too she used the minkie for the backing. That minkie is getting very popular for backing now. It's especially nice for baby quilts.

Here is on of my quilts. I made it awhile back and finally got a chance to get it on the machine. It's from the book called "Happy Hour, love that book... That looks like a piece of black fabric right there in the middle but it's not, it's dark green. I am blaming it on the camera again because it isn't all that dark in real life.
I had a new panto pattern so I tried it on here and loved it. Ebb and Flow and I used an olive green thread. It turned out nice and I'm happy with it. Not sure yet what I will do with it or who will get it.

Here is the backing.
Thanks for stopping by.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What's on the machine Wednesday

What a cute little sail boat baby quilt. I just took this one off this morning and really almost forgot today was Wednesday. This is a customer quilt. Love that minkie she used for the back. It looks like little swirls of water, perfect for this quilt.

here's the minkie backing.

>Over the weekend I went fabric shopping and found some of the cutest minkies. I will post a photo soon, red, brown, pink, green, tie die.... too too cute!

I finished the quilting on my carpenters wheel the other day, now I just need to make the binding and sew it on. I love this one and how it turned out.

Oh today is only going to be 103 degrees... yes we are having a heat wave. 103 isn't to bad compared to 111 and 108 like we have been for the past week.

I have to get out in it today and not looking for to it at all. This morning I'm cleaning out my laundry room closet and the dresser drawers in the guest room.
Hope your all having a good cool day.

Thanks for visiting.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More monsters and Rylee and Rett

The kids were here on Sunday. We finished making the cookie monster cupcakes. Here are the ones I made. These are so fun and easy to make and so darn cute. Rett isn't really into cooking to much, he will start off helping and last about 2 minutes then he's off to play with his toys.

I showed Rylee one time how to use the pastry bag and she was on a roll. She learns and picks up stuff so fast. She really did a good job for being 6 years old and her first time using a pastry bag. She is just like a little pro at it.

Here she is with the cookie monsters she made, aren't they cute and so is she, she is such a little doll.

Do you know what your suppose to do with the icing that's left over in the pastry bag?











They thought this was the most fun thing to do with it. So....... me being the grandma I had to do it.

After we made cupcakes Rylee wanted to learn to sew and of course she picked that up really quick too. She loves sewing. I cut the squares and did the ironing but she did all the rest by herself, she tries to be so even with her stitches and sews so slow. I think she will get faster as she goes along. She's going to sew a little bit each times she's here until she gets the size of quilt she wants.

This is what she has done so far.

Rett being a boy, finding little berries in the yard wanting to know what they are. He's a little cutie too.

The other day I forgot to post this one of Tyler playing with his transformer and the pin on ceremony. He loves his transformers.
Off to quilting now... thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cookies Monsters

Just a quick post to show you what I did last night.
These are just samples I made.... and today our grand kids are coming to make the rest. Oh boy this will be a fun day. Cooking is their favorites thing to do here, especially Rylee.
Have a good Sunday :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Pink Saturday

Welcome to Pink Saturday.
Please be sure and go on over to "How Sweet the Sound" to see more pink Saturday links, just click on the pink blinkie here to get there.
Here we are..... another pink Saturday has rolled around too soon. I have been so busy all day that I almost forgot it was Friday night and time to get my pink post ready. So I'm not really organized with it to much this time.
Can you believe no pink quilts this week?
This week I am sharing my newest tea pots but first I wanted to show this cute little votive candle holder that I covered with lace, ribbon and buttons. It looks so cute in my pink guest room.
I found this pretty little pink tea pot at one of the local stores. It has the pretties little pink roses and a butterfly on the lid. One of my favorites is this little set that I picked up at the second hand store for 8.95 what a good deal, don't you think?
This cute little one sits on the counter in my kitchen, it just seems so dainty and pretty sitting there.
I hope you enjoyed your visit. I feel strange not posting a quilt or anything to do with fabric. Today I intended to post some customer quilts but just didn't get to it.
Tomorrow I'm cleaning out the guest room closet and the laundry room closet and then Sunday our little grand daughter is coming for the day.
Hopefully in between those chores and Rylee I can sneak a post in here.

Thank you so much for stopping by, have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Captain Wendy and Tyler

I'm so proud of my daughter Wendy, she just got promoted to Captain in the USAF. She's been in the AF for 11 years and has done very well. You could just not believe how very proud we are of her and all the good things she does. She has such a big heart and is always helping out with what ever she can for other people.

Tyler got to pin her Captain bars on at the ceremony. Wish we could have been there for it. She said Tyler pushed the button on his transformer through the whole thing. Everyone thought it was funny, she didn't. LOL. Love that maternity uniform she is wearing, yay, I get a new grand baby in January. I can't wait to find out what it is so I can start making baby quilts.
Tyler loves his transformers, oh and spider man.
Wendy, we love you bunches!

What's on the machine Wednesday and a new scrap started

It's what's on the machine Wednesday.

It's my Carpenter's Wheel quilt. I really thought I would have this done by last night, (Betty I didn't do anymore quilting after you left yesterday) anyway I wanted to be done with this one and start on a couple of baby quilts from a customer, she is having twin grand babies and the quilts she made for them are so cute. The fabric has what I think are little aliens but who know it may be some cartoon out there. We don't watch a lot of cartoons here,
not even when the grand kids are here.

Anyway I love the pattern I'm doing on this one. Using Mother Goose thread color, one of my favorite colors. I'm over half way done so I should be able to get started on the baby quilts sometime today.

Here is the pattern close up. Love it.
Monday I just couldn't stand it anymore and had to start a scrap quilt. These are the scrappy wonky star blocks I have done so far. I love making these. You just cute 8 of what ever size squares you want for your back ground fabric. I used 4 inch then one 4 inch for the middle of the star and sew scraps to 4 of the squares for the points. You don't measure, you just lay the scrap piece on, sew it and flip it over. Turn the square over and trim off excess fabric to your square. So it can be longer or shorter points. A lot of mine are coming out about the same but if you use a bigger back ground square you can really get more of a wonky star. Sew all nine squares together and you have your block. Fun block to do. I probably didn't explain it very well so if you make one and have questions just ask.
Thank you for stopping by.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Scrap Quilt and a Carpenters Wheel

Ok here is my quilt that I was talking about the other day. I should have gotten a better picture of it but anyway you can see what I'm working on. I guess I made this one about a year ago and it's been in the closet waiting to be quilted. I just did an all over meander/stipple on it. These are really fun and easy quilts to make. This one is 86x86 kind of a strange size and I'm not sure yet what I will do with it. It goes with nothing in my house.
You almost need sun glasses to look at it. LOL..

I love this one, it's one of my favorites and again it's one that has been in the closet for a good while, probably 2 years. Anyway hopefully some time this week I can load it up and quilt it. I'm thinking about trying a new panto pattern on it, can't remember the name of it right now.
Hot hot hot here today. It's suppose to be 103. I wanted to plant some flowers we bought the other day but I think I will have to wait till this evening, maybe it won't be as hot by then.
Thanks for visiting, have a good day!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cherries and Sail Boats

I hope you all had a good weekend. I did, I got a lot of sewing done on my quilts. I got the binding sewn on my scrap string quilt that I showed on here the other day, now I just need to hand sew it down.

I had some blocks all finished for a small scrap quilt and got them all sewn together and now need to decide if I want a border or just leave it like it is. It's one of those I think doesn't really need a border.

Oh yeah I got another big string scrap quilt quilted, almost forgot about that one. I will post if later today or tomorrow. Another quilt ready to quilt. Oh and some snaps put on some needle keepers, they were a bit challenging this time. I kept doing it wrong but in the end I got them all done. Wow I really did get a lot of my own sewing and quilting done.

It feels good to get some of my unfinished project finished or almost finished.

Now to share a couple of customer quilts with you.
This first one really is cute with all that Cherry fabric, wish I would have taken a close up picture.
A few years ago I made my mother in law a kaleidoscope quilt using this light house fabric, now a good blogger would find that quilt picture and post it now but I have no clue which CD it's on so anyway this was the left over fabric. I gave the fabric to my friend Betty and she made this wonderful quilt for a good friend of hers. Isn't it nice and she did a good job on it as she always does with all of her quilts.

Love the fabric she used for the backing .

Thanks for visiting.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fun with the grand kids yesterday

Yesterday we had a fun day with Rylee and Rett, two of our grand kids. They came and stayed all day. We had a fun long day. I just wanted to share with you a couple of scrap pages I made of them tonight. As you can see we baked cookies. We used a strawberry cake mix along with a recipe from the Internet. We has icing and sprinkles from one end of the kitchen to the other. Rylee seems to think everything you bake needs icing and sprinkles, lots of sprinkles.

Our little Texas grandson, Tyler, will be here in August, surely we will have to make cupcakes or cookies with him too, he also likes to cook.
I can't wait to see him and my daughter. It's been 6 months since they were last here but seems a lot longer than that.
I hope I didn't bore you all with family stuff but you know us Grandma's have to show off our grand babies.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday

Be sure and click the Pink Saturday blinkie to see the other pink posts and thank Beverly for hosting this pretty pink day for us all to enjoy.

The item I would like to share today it this heart quilt hanger, a customer/friend's husband makes them. I thought I would just paint it put a quilt on it and hang it up, but then It hit me, I needed to do mosaic on it... so here is the before and..................................

Here is the after. It turned out really really cute and as you can see I hung it in the pink guest room and it's the new home for my rose quilt.

This quilt was made by the lady I got the heart from. She is so busy all the time with quilting and sewing and makes some of the most beautiful quilts. I always enjoy quilting her quilts but then again I enjoy all the quilts I do.

Sorry, this picture is sideways, I couldn't get it to go on here straight.

I was at the second hand store other day and saw this little figurine and had to have it. It looks so cute in the pink room.

Hope you are all enjoying your pink visit around blog land today. Have a wonderful weekend, stay safe and be happy.