Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday 6/2009

Here we are for another pink Saturday. Last week I thought I was going to have a hard time finding Pinks for this week but nope I didn't.... here I am with still more pink.
First of all I love my new little pink tea pot. It just has the cutest little pattern all over and I love the tiny little polka dots.
Here is my first mosaic. Remember I am new at this and really this isn't a very good picture. Maybe later I can take it outside and try to get a better picture. It was fun to make but kind of takes a lot of time and waiting time. Now I am on the hunt for broken dishes or discarded china, lol.... The middle of this one was a little pitcher I bought from Ross that I accidentally broke before I got it into the house. I couldn't throw it out so it has been setting in the closet for a year. I knew I would use it for something some day.

Aren't these the cutest little crochet flowers? My sweet friend Helen made them for me. Not sure yet where or how I will use them.... they are setting on my dresser for now just looking pretty as can be.
and here, my newest fabric. Those are the sweetest little blue birds and look at those tea pot and tea cups....makes me want to have a tea party.
Ok Miss Helen, here are your pink grand baby girl quilts. I made you wait long enough, didn't I?
This quilt is so cute and cuddly with the pink minkie on the back. What a lucky little girl to get this quilt from her grandma.
Here is the pink minkie back.
and another one Miss Helen made for her grand baby... too cute...
oh my goodness and another pink one Miss Helen made for her grand baby... what a lucky little baby she is going to be.
Be sure and go on over to "How sweet the sound" to find the links to more pinkalicious blogs and say Hi to Beverly and thank her for hosting Pink Saturdays for us.
Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend and stay cool......

Living room and customer quilts

Ok so I didn't get a chance to post more pictures last night but here I am now. Instead I was working on a little mosaic piece. I use to do some mosaic years ago and thought it would be fun to play around with it again. When I get it all finished I will post a picture of it, but remember I am learning all over again but I still think it is cute.
Today we are having cement curbs poured around all the flower beds. Right now we have those ugly black plastic borders so the cement should change the look and make it prettier. We got new gardeners last week, they put some kind of chemicals on the grass to kill the nut grass but guess what it killed all the grass. I have been stressing out about it all week, there is now some parts starting to green up so hopefully they know what they are doing.

Today I thought I would share with you my formal living room and a few customer quilts. I am still working on getting it the way I want it but here it is far.

This orange slice quilt is so bright and cheerful.

Thanks for stopping by and come on back tomorrow for Pink Saturday.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I have been so busy with quilting, doctor appointments and just everyday life that at the end of the day I'm to tired to think about blogging.... but here I am now"Helen" doing it just for you, lol.... but you have to wait until Pink Saturday to see your quilts on here because as you know they are pink.

So here are a few customer quilts. I have more recent ones to show that are still on my camera and may be able to get them on here later this evening, I will try my hardest. I'm not going to tell about these quilts but if you have any questions about any of them please just ask.

Suppose to be 100 degrees here today in the valley and maybe 104 on Saturday. If your here stay safe and try to stay cool.
Thanks for visiting my blog, have a wonderful day.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Pink Saturday

It's already Saturday again. It sure seems like Saturdays are coming around a lot sooner than they use to. Humm.... Maybe it has something to do with getting older? Anyway it's here and time for some pretty pinks.

First of all don't forget to go on over to "How Sweet The Sound" and say "Hi" to Beverly, our host of Pink Saturday. She would love a visit from you.

The first thing I would like to share is this cute pink fabric. Wouldn't they be so cute for a baby girl quilt... Wendy? You know I would take another little boy too. (Smooch my little Tyler for me) I just can't wait to find out if it's a girl or a boy, I need to start making baby quilts. Helen is way ahead of me on the grand baby quilt making right now.

Oh yes, more pink baby fabric....

Here is one that Helen made for her little grand baby. Too darn cute! I love that quilt pattern.

Remember the rose quilt I showed a few weeks ago. Well here it is all quilted. I still need to sew the binding on. I quilted Ribbon and Roses on it with white thread.

Each corner has a yellow rose. What do you think? Should I have made all the roses pink or do you like the yellow in each corner. I like it but now wish I would have done all pink.

Thank you for stopping by.
Hope you enjoyed all the cute pinks.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Customer quilts

Hope everyone is having a good week, I'm having a busy one. Here are a few customer quilts.

For those of you who don't know, my customers piece the quilts and I quilt them. I know some of you thought that I do the whole quilt but nope, they make the quilt and bring it to me to be quilted.

This first one my friend Betty made, it's the X block pattern. Beautiful quilt in person.
Enjoy looking and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.
Saturday I will have a few Pink quilts to show.... so be sure and come back for Pink Saturday.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy pink Saturday

It's pink Saturday and I am totally unprepared for it this time around. Really I had forgotten it was Friday already, I usually get it all done and ready to post by Friday night but today we had 2 of our grand kids here for the day so busy with them all day I just never thought about getting my pink post ready till just now. We just got back from taking them home and I'm to tired to even think about what to put on here or write about. I did get this block finished up this week so thought I would post it real quick and couldn't get the picture to go straight and really it isn't even the true color. This will have to do for this week and hopefully next week I will be more prepared.

Hope you all have a good weekend and a Happy Pink Saturday.