Friday, May 8, 2009

Before and after...... and some spiders

Yuck......don't you think it was about time. Time to make a new iron cover. I can't believe I used it for so long looking this way. I know I am terrible but it's what I do. I am to busy making quilts and fun stuff to pay much attention to this kind of stuff but yes it was time to make a new cover.

And the after, ahh, much better and more pleasing to the eye and it almost make ironing fun... ummmmm no not really. Actually I like to iron.... quilt fabric... just not shirts and pants and stuff like that, but I do it for my hubby because I love him and want him to look he is such a sweetie.

These are my spider plants, they are really going wild. Tons of new baby spiders all over, even more now. I snapped these photos a few weeks ago so they are even fuller now with babies. Love me. My creeping charlies are doing very well also. You can kind of see one of them here to the left.

Thanks for stopping by and come on back tomorrow for Pink Saturday. I have a couple of new cute little things I made to show you and yes they are pink.

Saying for today

"Today's opportunity is yesterday's dream and tomorrow's memory"


  1. Oh, your title had me thinking something else! First, I saw your title, then the ironing board cover before, and I thought you had spiders in your ironing board! I got it! Your new cover is very pretty!

    I just recently replaced the cover on one of my ironing boards too. What a difference. You are right, we don't pay much attention, then one day, you just go, 'yuck'!

    I can't wait to see what you show tomorrow for Pink Saturday. I'll be watching!

    Be blessed and have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I have an odd sized ironing board and always wait too long to get a new one. It is tough to find a replacement. When we were going through things, I found one! Woo HOO! I now have an extra. Glad the spiders are your plants and NOT in the ironing board.

  3. The ironing board cover looks so pretty. I'm sure it will make ironing more fun! :)

  4. Love the ironing board cover! Mine is kinda icky, too, with water stains, etc. Quick question, by Spider has lots of babies, too, but I don't know what to do with the babies. Do you? -Erin (vesuviusmama)

  5. That fabric looks too nice to be on an ironing board! :o) I am sure it makes ironing more pleasant tho! That is another thing that should be on my to-do list... :o)

  6. My ironing board cover is the first photo. I like the new cover, very nice. Your plants are really thriving.


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