Friday, May 29, 2009

Pink Saturday 5/29/2009

Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Birthday Pink Saturday.

Today is the first birthday for Pink Saturday. Thank you Beverly for hosting this for us. Go on over to "How Sweet the Sound" to visit the other pink Saturday participants

Today I would like to share this pretty little chest I picked up at Ross. I saw it and had to have it. Love the roses of course and inside it's lined with burgundy felt. I guess I should have take a picture of the inside too. Oh well that gives you something to imagine. I bet you can guess what I'm storing inside of it.... Fabric of course.

Sorry, this picture is sideways, I can't get it to turn.

Here is my newest little pitcher with pink roses. Love it. I picked it up at the antique mall awhile back.

Customer quilt, it's paper pieced and pink, how wonderful is that. She did a really good job on it. She wanted just an all over meander/stipple on it with white thread. Looks really pretty and she was very happy with it.

I finished my first Shabby Rose block and stared on my second and my third is in the waiting still. Hopefully soon I can get to working on them more. They are fun and it's relaxing to just set and hand sew. You can go here to visit Jenny, the creator of this adorable pattern. Thank you Jenny for sharing.

I had to post this new picture of Tyler with his new hair cut. He likes it spiked up in the front like his daddy's. He is so cute, I can't believe he is almost 3 already, well in August he will be.
Thanks for stopping by and you all have a wonderful weekend.

Quilts and a turtle

It has been a good while since I have posted. I have just been busy as you know if you read my last few posts.
Hubby is doing well and recovering well. Wednesday was his first day out since the surgery and that kind of wore him out, it was for his follow up appointment. Then after we got home the PT came a few minutes later so he had a rough day. The doctor wants him to start using the crutches now instead of the walker, I guess to put more weight on his knee. Anyway he is doing better and coming right along as scheduled with it all.
I have an appointment this morning so he is going to go with me just to get out of the house, sure he will just wait in the car. I also have to run to the fabric store. I'm on the hunt for spider man fabric. Tyler is all about spider man right now, he even says his mama is having a spider man baby sister or brother.

Betty, here he is, the little guy that was trying to get in our backyard the other day. I don't know if he just came from the lake or if he was someones pet. I tried to lift the fence to let him in but he wasn't budging. He didn't stay long and I haven't seen him since.

This cute little quilt is a customer quilt. It's called X block. Very cute. Betty.... I was going to post yours on here but they are on the camera in my room and Dennis is still asleep. But you know what that means? Yours are ready for pick up. Call me today.

And a pretty red sampler quilt. I have more quilts to show but they are still on my camera.
See you tomorrow for pink Saturday. I have a few cute pink things to show.
Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful weekend.

Friday, May 22, 2009

A new Grandbaby

Yay, finally a new grand baby for us. I kept seeing all the other bloggers getting new grand babies and telling them I want a new grand baby. So now we are getting one. I am so excited, just wished they lived closer to us. Tyler is going to be such a good big brother and I bet really helpful for his mama because he loves helping her do things now.

Thanks to all for the well wished and the prayers for hubby's surgery. He is doing well and recovering nicely. He isn't having to much fun with the PT part of it but that all goes along with getting better.

I'm still catching up on the long arm quilting, it's taking me a little bit longer than I had expected but it is coming along. I know I will get caught up sooner or later. Hopefully I will have time to post some pictures soon. Hope all of you are doing well.

Have a happy Memorial Day.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Hope you all have a wonderful Mother's day and enjoy your family and friends on this day.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday

My first share is a cute little key chain card holder. I ran across this blog and she had a tutorial for them so of course I had to make one. So fun and so easy to make and you know I had to make mine Pink. What nice little gifts these would make and put a gas card inside or a gift card or cash or even just a little card or note that says I love you.

I made mine a little different than she did. I added some felt fun stuff and beads. Also I used a snap where she used Velcro. My first time attaching a snap, I was proud of myself. I was always afraid to apply a snap, thought I would mess up my project I guess... but it turned out perfect.

The snap, it was a snap..... ha ha too easy to do.
This is a BOM from here if you would like to join in on the fun of making these blocks. She also has a shabby rose BOM that I just now got started on so maybe I will have one done next week to show. Yep.... it's pink too.

Oh I almost forgot about this one. This picture is not very good, terrible lighting I guess.

There is a tutorial for this cute little needle keeper over here. Again easy and fun to make and yes I got to practice my snap again, love it. Snap snap snap!

Anyway here is the inside of it. Kind of wish I would have used pink felt but that's ok.... sure I will make another one soon.

and all closed up with a snap.... can you tell I now love snaps?

Thank you so much for visiting and remember don't forget to go over to

and say hi to Beverly, our wonderful host of Pink Saturday.

I'm not sure if I will be here next Saturday or not, Hubby is having a full knee replacement on Tuesday so I will be pretty busy taking care of him and playing catch up on my customer quilts. My machine has been in MO for repairs for the past 3 weeks. I get it back today. I have missed it so much but have gotten a lot of stuff done that I wanted to do but also felt guilty at the same time since I have customer quilts waiting. There really was nothing I could do about it but wait for it to get back to me. All of my customers have been very understanding about the whole thing so that made it easier. So if you don't see or hear from me for a few weeks you will know I am taking care of my hubby and catching up on customer quilts. I will do my best to try and post and read some blogs but I can't promise.

Please think good thoughts for Hubby's surgery.


Have a wonderful weekend.

Saying for today.
"Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be"

Before and after...... and some spiders

Yuck......don't you think it was about time. Time to make a new iron cover. I can't believe I used it for so long looking this way. I know I am terrible but it's what I do. I am to busy making quilts and fun stuff to pay much attention to this kind of stuff but yes it was time to make a new cover.

And the after, ahh, much better and more pleasing to the eye and it almost make ironing fun... ummmmm no not really. Actually I like to iron.... quilt fabric... just not shirts and pants and stuff like that, but I do it for my hubby because I love him and want him to look he is such a sweetie.

These are my spider plants, they are really going wild. Tons of new baby spiders all over, even more now. I snapped these photos a few weeks ago so they are even fuller now with babies. Love me. My creeping charlies are doing very well also. You can kind of see one of them here to the left.

Thanks for stopping by and come on back tomorrow for Pink Saturday. I have a couple of new cute little things I made to show you and yes they are pink.

Saying for today

"Today's opportunity is yesterday's dream and tomorrow's memory"

Monday, May 4, 2009

Hey Ladies, hop on over here Barb is on vacation in Hawaii, (I'm Jealous) and she's having a wonderful give away. Wish her a good time and tell her I sent you over.

Looking out my back door and a coyote

This is the view from my back door. We had wonderful weather this weekend. For the past few weeks I kept hearing this really strange noise every night. It kind of sounded like something between a wild cat and a sick dog or something. So I was talking to the neighbor and she asked if I have seen or heard the coyote? I had heard it but didn't know what it was. Saturday while working in the yard sure enough there he was chasing the ducks. Now I don't know anything about coyote's but I thought they only came out at night, well not this one he was all over the golf course all day. It kind of cool watching him out there but last night he woke me up several times howling and making those weird noises he makes, it sounded like he was right out side my window. Oh Betty, do you ever see him on your side of the course? One good thing about it is the skunks are gone for now, makes me wonder if he didn't get them. I still haven't been over to the quilt shop to pick up pink fabric to finish my rose quilt but I am headed there today when I run other errands. Hope you all have a wonderful productive day.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday

Gosh I can't believe how fast the days are going by right now. At one time it seems like I'm getting a lot done and then at other times it seems like I haven't done much.

I have a few pinks to show you this week but also don't forget to go on over to "How Sweet the Sound" and visit Beverly, our dear host of Pink Saturday and also there you will find the other Pink Saturday links.

First of all I wish that you all have a wonderful weekend and love what you are doing at this time.

This first picture is a quilt I am working on for my pink room. I love the roses... each corner has a yellow rose in the block. You can barely see it in this picture. I still need to go purchase more of the pink for the outer border. I have green for a small inner border. Hopefully early in the week I can get the fabric to get it finished. Don't you just love PINK?

One of my favorite pink pin cushions I made. I picked up the little doily at the local antique shop and thought it would look cute on a pin cushion, what do you think?

I made these cute little pink coasters last night. I had the fabric cut for them and setting there waiting for a few weeks and finally sewed them. They only take like 5 minutes to make.

Ok so these aren't really pink but I love them and had to show you. Fuchsia flowers are one of my favorites.

Look backward with gratitude and forward with confidence.
Thank you so much for stopping by.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Donut and two small quilts

Friday already, hope you all had a wonderful week.

Seems like I didn't get a whole lot done this week and the week flew by pretty fast. This first little quilt was a kit from Connecting Threads. As you can see it's a quick and easy beginner kind of a quilt but it was fun to make. I still need to quilt it. The second little quilt I made from the HST that I cut off from the squares of the first quilt. I just made little pinwheels out of them and the other squares are from the left over fabric from the backing of the first one. I love it when I have left overs to make little stuff with.

Don't you just love donuts? Especially the ones like this that have no sugar or calories. It's just all good stuff for you. Loved making this one. It's made using felt wool and seed beads for the sprinkles on top.... gotta have sprinkles on a donut, you know..... There sure are a lot of pin cushions out there in blog land now. I wish I could find tutorials for some of them.

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for Pink Saturday. I will be posting a pink pin cushion I made and a pink quilt I'm working on.

Thank you for stopping by, for using some of your time to spend on my blog. You are very appreciated.

Have a wonderful day.

Oh I forgot I wanted to share these 2 pictures my daughter sent to me. Aren't they just too cute and how creative someone is to do this.