Friday, April 10, 2009


Ok so I sewed something wrong on the bag so I took it apart and I'm trying it again. Hopefully this time it will turn out. If not I will have to find some one to make me one. I took all the stitched out today and got part of it sewn back, maybe I can get it finished tonight.....Wish me luck that it goes together better this time.... We have had beautiful weather here all week and then this evening we had a thunder rain storm. Kind of fun since we don't get them very often.

Here are a couple of table toppers I'm working on, this first one was a kit I ordered from Connecting Threads. As you can see it is a easy and fast block to do. Good for when you need that instant gratification. I really like the pattern I quilted on it too. Gees right now I can't even remember the name of it and I'm to lazy to go to my sewing room and look.
This one is from the Happy Hour book. It was really a table runner but I added more to it to make a table topper.

Kind of blurry, sorry.

Don't forget tomorrow is pink Saturday so back for a pink visit.




  1. Vera, I love table toppers, and those are beautiful! Love your pink stuff, too.

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