Friday, April 17, 2009

Pink Saturday

Another Pink welcome to Pink Saturday.

Ok now remember the shelf over the bed that fell a few weeks ago? Well I can't take a chance of putting another one up there and having it fall on someones while they are sleeping. So I hung one of my favorite quilts there instead. I would just worry sick with anything of any weight hanging there now. Oh yeah and in this picture you can also see my new chandelier, so pretty and pink.

Have you seen the cupcake pops over at

Too cute and fun to make. She makes some really cute ones and all kinds of animal ones.

Thank you Beverly for hosting pink Saturday for us. Please go on over and visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound and see all the other pink bloggers.

Love this so I had to post it again. If you haven't had your mammogram yet please go get it done.

Thank you for visiting, have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Love that quilt! Off to check out Bakerella 'cuz those cupcakes are just too cute. Have a happy PS day!

  2. Love, love LOVE that quilt above the bed.
    Happy Pink Day!

  3. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    X Es X

  4. The quilt looks lovely on the wall - I am like you, I am always nervous about something falling on someone while they are sleeping! Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. Oh I love the quilt so much better than the shelf over the bed. Beautiful and love the pops too, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  6. That's absolutely perfect! What a pretty room. Love the pops!

  7. Vera, what a nice quilt. Love the photo of the little girl. Thanks for sharing.

  8. What a lovely quilt. It just makes the room look so feminine. It would be one of my favorites too. It's beautiful...

    Shelves are good but I don't put them over a bed. I too worry that they might fall on someone. I think you made the right decision. I so enjoy your Pink Saturdays...hugs, Linda

  9. Great goodies you're sharing! Don't you just ♥ Pink Saturday? This is the one day that I get to totally indulge myself, get all girlie, drink tea with cream, and share time with friends on the internet. Your blog post this week was usual!

    Went out to dinner with friends, so I'm a little late, but better late than never, right? I wish you a Sunday filled with family, l♥ve, sunshine and peace.

  10. How Beautiful is that quilt soft and delicate.......
    Happy Pink Day...........

  11. Beautiful quilt!!! and a great pink post, the baby pic is toooooo adorable and those yummy pops!!!
    ♥ Teresa

  12. Now if the quilt falls, the person in the bed will just feel warmer!

    Love that little scrunchy face and her t-shirt!

    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Erin :)

  13. Hi Vera,
    I just found your blog through Hazel's (sewcrazy). I LOVE your blog. I love all the pink things you have displayed in your home, but I especially love the room where you just put the quilt above the bed. I noticed the suitcase on the side table filled with fun things. The room looks so cozy.

    I also love your little teacups and teapots. Those are right up my alley!
    Be blessed,

  14. Hi, Vera,

    I love the quilt you hung over the bed! I think I want to cuddle up in that bed and take a good, long nap!

  15. Glad Michelle found you ,she's a real sweet heart and like yourself has the best imagination.Your things are so pretty I love visiting your blog.

  16. The quilt is gorgeous, but I am really taken by the chandelier. thanks for sharing.



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