Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tiny bag tutorial

I edited the last post and added the link for the tiny bag if anyone wants to make one. They are so fun, fast and easy. Can anyone tell me how to make a link with just the name of the blog. The way I do it now is copy and post from the address bar. This is how it looks like when I do it, but I want it to just say the name of the blog. HELP PLEASE...lol http://littlebusybee.blogspot.com/
I would appreciate any help I can get for this.... thank you and enjoy making the Tiny Bag, I did. Thank you Littlebusybee!
Thank you Amy for the help. That really was way to easy.... I couldn't get it to work for littlebusybee but it worked for your blog...


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  2. Vera, Can you please send the same info to me? I don't know how to inbed the addresses to web pages either. I am new to blogging and I have been doing the same as you, copy and paste the whole address.


  3. http://littlebusybee.blogspot.comYou can type it, or in blogger, usually the blog banner is a link back to the main page. you can right click on the banner & click 'copy shortcut' from the drop down list. Then go to where you want to post the link & right click & select paste. I hope that helps :)

    If you want to make your words click to a link, there is a little icon on the posting window (it is to the right from the bold & italics buttons) that looks like a little globe. Highlight the word/s you want to make clickable, then click the globe icon, then in the popup box type in the website you want to link to.

    Hope those help you.

    let me know if I can help more :)

  4. I'm glad you had fun sewing the tiny bag! Thanks for writing about my tutorial on your blog! I'll be visiting you often!


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