Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A proud Grandma

For the last few days I have been receiving email instead of comments saying they can't seem to post a comment on any of my posts. Hopefully it is all working now. I don't know what else to do to it. I've changed some of the settings so hopefully that was the issue and it's ok now.
I am so proud of her. This is her first year at competition cheer leading. They've had 3 state competitions so far and won all three. She really is good at it and I'm not just saying that because I'm the Grandma, lol... she does all these flip, hand stands and all kinds of stuff that you would think for sure she is going to just break in half.


  1. Hey,

    I've been getting the same e-mails about folks being unable to leave comments, so not sure if it's us or Blogger.

    Congratulations to your cute little granddaughter! Oh, to be that flexible again, huh?!?

  2. What a sweet heart my grand daughter is 14 and has been a cheer leader for year .she a very little girl so they always stick her on top of the pyramid .

  3. Lovely photos , what a cutie !
    clares craftroom

  4. What a proud grandma you must be...and what a cute....also

  5. What a cutie! Don't you just love being a Grandma? I love it. It's alot of fun to watch them and love on them and be able to have good times with them...

    I have had trouble commenting on your blog for about 2-3 weeks. I just thought you had changed it...I hope everything's ok now. Hugs, Linda

  6. Hi there,
    I was wondering if you ever found the pattern for the cute little pink lunch bag?? Would love to see a link for it.

  7. Good morning Riet, thank you for always being so faithful to visit my posts. I am trying to visit as many Pinkies as I can today. My Saturdays are always so darned busy and visiting never is as much as I want.

    Your granddaughter is adorable and obviously is good at cheerleading. They start them so early now. We do love our grands don't we. Being a grandma gives us bragging rights. So brag away. I sure do. BIG smile here.

    Have a wonderful pinkie day.


  8. I can remember when I could bend like that. Those days are long gone now. She is as cute as can be, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  9. Isn't she sweet!! Look how flexible she is? I remember those days from many years ago..I sure couldn't do it now. LOL

    Happy Pink Saturday.



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