Saturday, January 3, 2009

We are home

Yay, we are home but we came home to a mess. We had a wonderful time in Colorado visiting out youngest daughter and her hubby. It was so cold there, snow everywhere. We stayed at a fairly new hotel, Wine Country Inn, very nice place and friendly people. Oh yeah while there we stopped at an antique shop just around the corner from where my daughter lives. I found 6 cute tea cup and saucers, I will post pictures of them at a later time.
I have tons of pictures but they are all on hubby's computer so I will have to figure out how to get them to mine. When we left CO. it was so cold and so go most of that day due to snow and ice everywhere so it took us longer to get to Texas than it should have but we finally got there and had a wonderful time with oldest daughter and her family there. Tyler was so excited to see us, he came running out to the car with open arms. Santa brought him all kinds of stuff he loved. His favorite was a choo choo train, he is all about trains right now.

When we left there we headed to the Williams AZ. stayed the night there at the Frey Marcus hotel, very nice place too. We took the train ride to the Grand Canyon the next day and took the bus tour when we got there. If you ever get a chance to take the train ride, do it, it's so much fun and beautiful scenery especially with the snow everywhere.
We got up the next morning and it was 15 degrees out, burr to cold for me. Our car was covered with ice, the water bottle in the car was frozen solid. Oh yeah and I got some beautiful pictures of ice sickles. And of course before we left there we had to find a quilt shop. They were having a sale of 30 percent off and in the travelers book there was a 10 percent off so I got to use both. I got some nice fabric and a few patterns. wish I had pictures to show but soon I will.

Sorry this post is so long. Now for the mess that was waiting for us. We stopped at the grocery store for a few things before coming home, got here opened the fridge and whew....... so something happen to it and it's not working. Not sure how long it has been out but everything was thawed and hot. Dennis pulled the fridge out and looked at the back of it, moved a few wires around and all at once I saw sparks fly and smoke and him jumping up to unplug it. So apparently it has a short in it somewhere. Glad that didn't happen while we were away. So now we have a repair man coming in on Monday.

The next morning hubby we out to get his car out of the garage and put mine in and his wouldn't start. Dead battery, so he jumped it and got it started and it then it started billowing smoke from under the hood. This morning it goes to the shop, hope it's nothing to serious. Later in the day Dennis gets out his fairly new apple laptop and there is something going wrong with it now. Hopefully that is just a battery issue.

Other than all this stuff that happen since we've been home we had a wonderful vacation and Christmas. Hope you all had a good one. I didn't get on line but one time while we were gone so I missed everyone and am now trying to get caught up on the post I've missed. I wish you all a Happy New Year.


  1. I certainly enjoyed your blog and especially looking at the beautiful quilts!

  2. Ok, this sounds like me. All the things going wrong at the same time...I'm sorry, but I'm glad it was nothing serious....A short in the refrigerator could have resulted in a fire so you are lucky it just got hot and stopped working.

    I'm glad you're back and had a good time. I'm looking forward to the pictures to follow. I know you enjoyed those kids and grandkids....Happy New Year. Hugs, Linda

  3. So glad your back and enjoyed your trip ,you were missed . As bad as the mess was when you got home thank God it didn't start a fire while you were away ,some one was watching over your home for you .

  4. Yes it could have been much more serious . Glad everyone is ok . Hot , hot , hot here in Australia .
    Clare's Craftroom

  5. Sounds like you had a fun time though, so Happy New Year to you and yours and I loved your post !!


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