Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday

Welcome to Pink Saturday and thank you for visiting!

This time I want to share with you some of the tea cups and saucer I got while on our trip to TX and CO. Most of them I purchased in CO at a little antique shop just around the corner from my daughters home. They had really good prices there. I didn't pay over 4.00 each for them. Not bad huh?

The little tea pot and cup my hubby surprised me with while I was sick in bed in CO. They had the cutest little gift shop at the hotel we stayed at. The cup and saucer is from the antique shop.

Love these little pot holders. A couple of quilting friends and I went to lunch before Christmas and they both had made me Pink Cupcake pot holders but you know what they are so cute I don't want to use them and get them dirty.

This is a little thread shelf I made way back in the day when I was into wood working and painting. Sure wish I still had some of the things I made back then. I do still have a few things but nothing like what I use to have. Anyway this was fun to paint. I have it setting in my sewing room... someday after we paint in there I will try and display it better with some cute stuff in it.

The pictures turned out kind of blurry but you can still see it.

If you would like to see more pink blogs please visit Beverly over at, she is the host for Pink Saturday and has all the participating blogs listed on her site.

Thank you Beverly!


  1. Love all the tea cups. Happy pink day! Denise

  2. Love all your cups and saucers. Happy pink Saturday

  3. Wonderful assortment of pink!!!

    Have a Blessed and happy weekend,
    Virginia :)

  4. Oh, I love that thread shelf! How talented you are. Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday.

  5. I just love the pot holders. They are too cute, I wouldn't be using them either. And I adore your thread keeper. You are so talented to have made that. Happy PS........

  6. What a adorable thread shelf! Happy pink Saturday

  7. Your thread shelf is very cute, and so are your potholders. I wouldn't want to use them either. They are just so cute. Pink flowes on china is so sweet. You are thinking pink.


  8. Happy Pink Saturday!! lovely china, and the thread holder is cute, thanks for sharing

  9. I love tea cups and tea pots...I collect can never have enought...and I love the pink...
    Mo ;-)

  10. Beautiful teacups, and great prices! Happy belated pink Saturday.

  11. Happy Pink Saturday, Vera.

    What a great deal you found on your cups and saucers. They are so pretty. And, I love the set your husband got for you.

    You made me smile because I have potholders that I think are too pretty to use, too.

  12. Great pinks you posted for Pink Saturday! Those potholders ARE adorable and I would be afraid to use them too!

  13. I love your teacups! And I have to say, I would use them. :-) Also love the cupcake potholders! How adorable. I'm not sure what Pink Saturday is, but I love your pink stuff.

  14. You did such a great job on that thread holder and your cups are very pretty .Miss you on the blog .


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