Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Selvage stockings, gift bags and a broken toe..OUCH

I made these little selvage stockings for two friends. I made them a while back but didn't want to post them till after I gave them. Betty treated us to lunch the other day at the Guild House (picture and a post on that coming soon) anyway I made them both a stocking filled it with goodies and decorated these gift bags for them. Here are the filled bags all ready to go.

These little stocking are so fun and again easy to make, seems like I always say something is fun and easy to make. Humm maybe I only make fun and easy things, I don't know but they are cute and Helen and Betty both loved them. Oh yeah I had to make myself one too.

Now about the broken toe. It's not mine. With all the painting and stuff going on around here, Dennis left the ladder leaning up against the bedroom wall because as soon as we get back from Texas he is painting that room, well he gets up in the middle of the night to take a pain pill and catches his toe on the ladder, ha ha now he needs 2 pain pills (not really).. he says I would make a great nurse.


  1. Those stockings look great and of course you had to make one for yourself .
    Clare'S Craftroom

  2. What lucky friends you have to receive such beautiful hand made gifts. I ust called in to wish you and your family a Happy Christmas, and good health, wealth and happiness in the New

  3. Love the stockings! Hope the broken toe heals quickly.
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Those stockings are adorable! Sorry to hear about the broken toe..yikes!


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