Friday, December 12, 2008

Customer quilts

Customer Quilts
Ok, so I messed Pink Saturday blog should be here and this one after the pink one but it didn't work out that way for me. I don't know how to fix it without deleting all and starting over and I'm not doing that. Please just go down and the Pink Saturday blog is the next one. Sorry. Maybe someone can share with me on how to post date a post?

This pattern is out of the book called "Happy Hour" There are a lot of easy and fun patterns in that book. The customer that made this one is fairly new at quilt making and does a wonderful job on all her quilts. I think she likes purple. I quilted a panto called Whistle using a power purple thread, she loved it.

This quilt is all flannel. It's very soft and thick. I quilted a Ribbon and Rose pattern on it using a burgundy thread. Beautiful, I love roses.

A lot of work goes into making this little star wall hanging and she did 2 of them almost exactly the same so I didn't post both pictures. All those little diamond shapes , wow. I love the way the colors go around the stat like they do.

My sister made this quilt as a gift for one of the girls in her bunco< ( sure I didn't spell that correct) group. It has a picture of each of the ladies that play in her group. The stars are paper pieced. Wished I would have taken a better picture of it. She makes beautiful quilts, she just doesn't sew very much any more.

And last but now least a Round Robbin. Isn't this beautiful? I quilted a feather chain panto on this one using Old Gold color thread. Very pretty, she hasn't picked it up yet but I'm sure she will love it.

Hope you enjoyed viewing the quilts and maybe you got a little inspired to make your own quilt. You should try it, it's fun and addicting.


  1. Thanks for sharing , all the quilts are beautiful .

  2. All of the quilts are fantastic and the quilting just tops them off. I always enjoy when you share pictures with us because it's great to see what others are doing.

  3. Vera, Just hit CTRL +A in the post you are editing, and click CTRL+C all the writing, and then click on create a new post,, then once that box opens hit CTRL+V it should all paste in the new box then click publish.. then go back and delete the other post mine did the same thing this morning, I was creating it last night and going to post this morning, and had to do it also.. I hope that helps ya. Happy Pink Saturday!!BTW the quilts are Gorgeous.have a great wknd. Amy

  4. Pink Saturday sounds like a fun idea. Love your teapots too! Sharyn/KalamaQuilts

  5. Your quilts are stunning. Sewing is on my list of things to learn in the New Year. I want to make a beautiful quilt. I can see myself becoming addicted.


  6. Beautiful quilts!!! When you are posting....there is a box that says post options at the bottom. When you click on that box there is a date and time area. Once you change that it will post for that date and time. You can have multiple posts waiting to go out on different dates that you have started all at different times. Great for when you are on vacation!!

  7. Hey girl I looked at this post even tho it wasn't time yet and I have one word for it WOW!! just beautiful so much work goes into these quits and love..thanks for sharing..hugs and smiles Gloria

  8. The quilts are handsome, so much work, time and patience. I am in awe of women with so much talent. Thank you for visiting my blog on Pink Saturday! Kathleen

  9. Teapots? I'd love to have teapot pattersn. Does anyone know where I can find some free patterns? Now that I am retired, can't afford to buy everything I want to :) BUT, I do have more time to quilt! :) Thanks. Please respond to dixiechick909@yahoo.


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