Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Merry Christmas. We are still here in Texas and I haven't really had time to get on line to check blogs or emails. My plan was to try to make a small post each night but by the end of the day after playing with Tyler all day I am just to tired to do it. When I get back home after the 5th I will start again with normal posts. I am missing my Pink Saturdays too.
You all have a Happy New Year and make it a safe one.... Oh yeah 76 here in Texas today, love it.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Selvage stockings, gift bags and a broken toe..OUCH

I made these little selvage stockings for two friends. I made them a while back but didn't want to post them till after I gave them. Betty treated us to lunch the other day at the Guild House (picture and a post on that coming soon) anyway I made them both a stocking filled it with goodies and decorated these gift bags for them. Here are the filled bags all ready to go.

These little stocking are so fun and again easy to make, seems like I always say something is fun and easy to make. Humm maybe I only make fun and easy things, I don't know but they are cute and Helen and Betty both loved them. Oh yeah I had to make myself one too.

Now about the broken toe. It's not mine. With all the painting and stuff going on around here, Dennis left the ladder leaning up against the bedroom wall because as soon as we get back from Texas he is painting that room, well he gets up in the middle of the night to take a pain pill and catches his toe on the ladder, ha ha now he needs 2 pain pills (not really).. he says I would make a great nurse.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My friend is a cupcake klutz !

A fun Cupcake Day.

The other day my very good friend Helen came over, we shared cupcake secrets and made lots of cupcakes. For 5 hours straight we made cupcakes. She is teaching me how to make flowers with meringue icing, too much fun but I do need lots more practice. Here some of the frosted cupcakes she made. She was very proud of them, put them in her little cupcake taker, put the lid on, headed out to load them in her car. With her arms full trying to carry to much at one time she accidentally tipped the cupcake carries and all the cupcake rolled out of their little spots. Oh I felt so bad for her, she just couldn't believe she had done that.

I told her when she gets home just scrape all the icing off put it in a bag and re frost them so that's what she did and look at them they still look as yummy as the did before the crash. So now around here she is known as the Cupcake Klutz
All in all we had a good time and learned a little from each other.
Thanks Helen, it was fun.
Before the crash

After the crash

After the repair

These are Helen's flowers that she made is class. They are all beautiful.

These are mine. I do need more practice but I think I did pretty good for this being my first time.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Red quilt

This red quilt I made for my daughter and her husband for Christmas. It's an easy quilt to make. It's from the Happy Hour book and it's called snap shot. I collected some red fabrics for awhile and then added the ones I already had on hand. I love making scrappy looking quilts. I quilted a panto pattern on it called Mimosa. Hopefully you can see it in the close up picture. These two pictures didn't turn out very well so I showed both of them. This is one of those quilts that when you are all finished with it you hate to let it go. lol .. oh wait all of my quilts are that way. It really is hard to give them away but I know I can't keep all of them. I know also that my daughter loves every quilt I make for her and she takes good care of them.

Mary from OZ, your pattern was mailed today. Let me know when it arrives or if you have any questions about it.
Time to go get some around the house stuff done.
Have a great night.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Link for needle keeper.

Some of you were asking where I got the pattern for the needle keeper. Here is the link. She has a lot of really cute stitchery patterns. The needle pattern was a free one but not sure if it still is or not.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Customer quilts

Customer Quilts
Ok, so I messed Pink Saturday blog should be here and this one after the pink one but it didn't work out that way for me. I don't know how to fix it without deleting all and starting over and I'm not doing that. Please just go down and the Pink Saturday blog is the next one. Sorry. Maybe someone can share with me on how to post date a post?

This pattern is out of the book called "Happy Hour" There are a lot of easy and fun patterns in that book. The customer that made this one is fairly new at quilt making and does a wonderful job on all her quilts. I think she likes purple. I quilted a panto called Whistle using a power purple thread, she loved it.

This quilt is all flannel. It's very soft and thick. I quilted a Ribbon and Rose pattern on it using a burgundy thread. Beautiful, I love roses.

A lot of work goes into making this little star wall hanging and she did 2 of them almost exactly the same so I didn't post both pictures. All those little diamond shapes , wow. I love the way the colors go around the stat like they do.

My sister made this quilt as a gift for one of the girls in her bunco< ( sure I didn't spell that correct) group. It has a picture of each of the ladies that play in her group. The stars are paper pieced. Wished I would have taken a better picture of it. She makes beautiful quilts, she just doesn't sew very much any more.

And last but now least a Round Robbin. Isn't this beautiful? I quilted a feather chain panto on this one using Old Gold color thread. Very pretty, she hasn't picked it up yet but I'm sure she will love it.

Hope you enjoyed viewing the quilts and maybe you got a little inspired to make your own quilt. You should try it, it's fun and addicting.

Happy Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday

The week has flown by way to fast, it's already time for Pink Saturday again. Being so busy makes the days go by much faster than I want them to.

Be sure and visit Beverly at How sweet the sound, she does a wonderful job at hosting Pink Saturday and has some lovely things to see and read. Hope you are all having a Happy Holiday season and a Merry Christmas. I probably won't do Pink saturday again till after the new year since I will be away but I will try and post while if I can.

The first little pink I want to share today is this cute little needle keeper I made. So sorry but for the life of me right now I can not remember the name of the blog I got the pattern from but as soon as I remember of find it I will post it. This was very fun and easy to make.

Two of my favorite pink plates.

This beautiful Pink quilt is a customer quilt. Her little granddaughter is going to love it.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

greetings from Tyler

Oh my goodness look what I just got in my email. How adorable is that. I miss him so much and can't wait to see him at Christmas.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to me.
I got up early this morning and hubby has 3 birthday gifts all wrapped up. I can't wait for him to wake so I can open them.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Tea pots, a quilt, Tyler and boobs for Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday, enjoy your visit here

Welcome to Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly at " How sweet the sound" You can visit Beverly by clicking on the Pink Saturday sign at the side bar of my blog. Please go visit her, she has a lot of wonderful things to see and always has beautiful posts.

Today I am sharing a few tea pots from my collection. The first one is the newest one I just go this week. It's so pretty and looks beautiful in the china hutch. I love all the shiny gold on it. The third picture down is one of my favorites I found at an antique shop for 10.00.

I made this quilt, it's one of my favorites, probably because it's pink and it's a heart. The pattern is a log cabin block. This one is hanging in my sewing room.

A few weeks ago I stopped at a second hand store and saw this pretty little pink rose pin. I didn't get it but thought about it for 2 weeks and wished I'd had. I stopped by there this week and guess what it was still there and as you can see I bought it. Only 3.50 I will never wear it but may use it to decorate in the pink room, any ideas?

This is our little grandson Tyler, he loves this pink cabbage page doll. Think I will take it to him when we go for Christmas.

You have probably seen this already but I just had to share it here.

Please don't forget your mammogram and check ups.

Thank you for your visit and comment.
Have a Happy Pink Saturday.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Making bread dough ornaments/Customer quilts

It's been a really busy week around here. Yesterday I picked up my little granddaughter, Rylee, from school, came back here and made bread dough ornaments. Boy did she love mixing that dough with her hands and then using the rolling pin and the cookie cutters. We got a lot of them done but she still needs to paint a few more next time she's here.

Here she is very proud of her ornaments.

I am so far behind in posting customer quilts. This one is really pretty, she used left over wine and grape fabric scraps. I quilted a panto called Mimosa on it. She loved it.

Here is the back of the quilt, you can see the pattern a little bit better here. I love this pattern. I did it on a red quilt that I made, I'll show later.

See you all Saturday for Pink Saturday.
Oh yeah today I found the prettiest tea pot while out shopping. Wonder if it will be here Saturday?